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Love is Like a Bowl of Fruit

July 12, 2010
By iluvnacho PLATINUM, Somewhere, Colorado
iluvnacho PLATINUM, Somewhere, Colorado
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I angerly stomp my way to the kitchen, the tears of rage and sadness coming. I hear my older sister plea for me to come back, along with my older brother huffing. I plant myself on the oak chair and dig my hands into my eyes.
"Mary, Mary! Honey, what happened?" Charlotte asks, laying a gentle hand on my shoulder. I shake it off, my tears making me look like a baby. I hear Josh's heavy footsteps hit the kitchen floor, probably dreading that my date went wrong. Horribly wrong.
"Mar, what happened?" He questions, voice dull, but concerned. Atleast he's trying. That's a high for him.
"Honey, please tell me, what happened." Charlotte begs, love deep in her voice. I inhale slowly, carefully looking at her.
Charlotte's hazel eyes are full of concern and love, the emerald green overflowing the chocolate brown. Her cury brown hair is tangled into a bun, strands of it falling in front of her face. I sniff.
"Don't call me 'honey'," I mumble, rubbing my eyes. Josh stiffles a laugh, which I guess is silenced by one of Charlottes 'if looks could kill' expression.
"What happened?" She asks again, sounding all motherly. I grimace. That's all they wanted to know! What happened, what happened! Don't they care at all on how I feel!!!??? I stand up in defiance.
"I'll tell you what happened! He turned out to be a big jerk face who doesn't even give a damn about me, Charlotte! All he wanted was sex!" Before I'm even aware, I'm bawling my eyes out and sobbing. I fall into Charlotte, embracing a hug. Through my watery eyes, I see Josh's pissed off expression, brown eyes flaming. He immediatly leaves the room.
I clutch my sister, just crying.
After a while I start to calm down, and that's when Carlotte speaks.
"You know before Mom died, she explained love to me?" Charlotte asks, nudging me. I stand up and then sit down on a chair across from her. I numbly shake my head.
"Well it's very simple. Your favorite fruit as an apple, right?" I nod my head yes, even though I'm confused. Charlotte looks at the glass bowl of fruit and smiles."Love is like a bowl of fruit. Sometimes you find the gross perverted guys," she pauses and picks up a bananna, waving it dramatically."Then other times, you find those guys who seem nice at first, but are really sour on the inside." Charlotte picks up a lemon."And after all the fails, you finally find your apple." I'm speechless. Then, suddenly I laugh.
"Oh c'mon Charlotte! Mom told you that!? Well, no offense to her, but that is soooo cheesy!"

The author's comments:
The picture of a the bowl of fruit inspired this.

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