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July 2, 2010
By xHellokittyfairyx BRONZE, Fortwayne, Indiana
xHellokittyfairyx BRONZE, Fortwayne, Indiana
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It was a brutal summer. Bee stings looked like the new trend. The hot beaming sun was considered the enemy. Brittney, it’s so hot out maybe we should go in. Brittney said, ’’Not until I do this.’’
She saw a random cute guy. She ran with speed and started to flirt. Kristina looked at her with an evil glance. Why did you do that? Do what Hun?
You don’t even know that guy. Why are you acting like this Brittney? You were such a good girl. Exactly, I was always known as the good girl. I was always the girl that never caused a scene.

I was just like you Kristina. Now, its time for a huge change. See ya, Buddy. As Brittney walked off Kristina felt like this wasn’t going to be the last time she was going to see that. Kristina felt like she lost a friend.

Summer break ended quickly. It was almost like it didn’t happen. Kristina walked in alone. She was so use to her buddy being by her side. Then she saw a whole new unacceptable Brittney.

Boys looked at her. Girls envied her. Brittney was wearing a reveling belly shirt and a mini skirt. Kristina ran to her with a sweater. Cover up! No, let them see.

Kristina couldn’t believe it. What happened to the nice girl? The one that was scared of showing her body. The one that didn’t care about style. Basically, her buddy.
Kristina was going to her locker. Then, Brittney stopped her. She looked upset. She felt like someone took every aching breath out of her. What’s wrong Brit? Well I have to go home and change. I wonder who told?

Wait! Do you think it’s me that told the teachers? You’re the only jealous one. What is there to be jealous of? You dress like everyday is party day.

Kristina, you are just mad that now you’re the nerd. I’m in now! The popular kids love me! I always thought you were cool Brit. I’ve known you since kindergarten. Then, you should respect me.

I do respect you, buddy. Don’t call me that! I am not your buddy anymore. Kristina felt like someone punched her in the stomach. You don’t mean that do you? I have new friends now.

That’s okay Brittney nothing matters to you anyways. I’ve always been there for you. When you were grounded, when you were sick, and now. But, you don’t know what a real friend is. Brittney cut her off.

I have new friends now. They are going to be here for me. Forget it Brit! Brittney was in shock she never heard Kristina raise her voice. You want to be like this fine! Just don’t come to me when they hurt you!
Kristina walked away sad that she lost a friend. She also felt more mad than sad. Why is she doing this to herself she told her friend Alexander? I don’t know. She just wants to fit in. I guess that’s what everyone wants.

The next day she saw a crowd of people around Brittney. They were talking about a party at Riley’s house. Brittney said, ’’I am totally going.’’ Kristina ran to Alexander, “Isn’t Riley your brother? Unfortunately. They are having a party right? I was going to ask you did you want to go but, I can tell you found out.

Well it starts at 8 okay. See you then. Kristina arrived at the party an hour late. Alex said,’’ What happened to 8. My grandpa drove me. Alex laughed okay. Then Kristina saw something she didn’t want to see. It has only been and hour and Brit was drunk dancing on tables. Guys were oohing and awing at her. Kristina shooed them away. She couldn’t believe it Brit would never get like this. She made Brit get down off the table.

Brittney fell over Kristina vomiting all over Kristina’s new blouse. Brittney started laughing. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I just had some punch. Kristina thought about it. It was either Brit was a drunk liar or those guys spiked her punch.

At school people whispered about her. Brit ran to Kristina for comfort. Kristina I am so sorry. You were always there for me. I was so stupid to deny that.

It’s okay Brit. Later, that day Brit walked by these girls. They looked vicious. What’s up Brit? Sorry I don’t know you girls. Yeah but, you know are boyfriends. What do you mean? A girl whispered in Brit’s ear.

I never did that. Obviously, you girls might be so insecure about yourselves that you think it’s true. Our boyfriends told us what you did. Well it never happened! I don’t even know them. They pushed her against a wall.

Luckily, Kristina came in. Stop! Why are you guys doing this? Did you here about what she did at the party. She didn’t do anything. We walked to my house together.
Learn your facts before you try to attack someone. Kristina grabbed Brit and started walking with her. Brit then looked at Kristina. You were right. You are my buddy. Kristina looked and said,’’ What do you mean?’’

You there when I am grounded, when I am sick, and especially now.

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Elaina said...
on Jul. 16 2010 at 8:00 pm
This remonds me of a friend i miss how we were