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Bethany's Melody part 2

July 7, 2010
By writergirlheather SILVER, Hamilton, Ohio
writergirlheather SILVER, Hamilton, Ohio
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I know this is overwhelming all of the new information and fear that fills

your body but I will be by your side every step of the way,” he said wiping a

tear form his eye. He was looking straight at me then and I knew he would. I

knew he would be there with me every step of the way and I believed it.

And he was there for me every step of the way.

“ I know you are scared and you should be but you need to come back in so

we can help you and make you better,” he said and got up. Then he took my

hand and we walked in together. After that he had taken an interest in me.

Since I couldn’t go to school then and lost all of my friends because of

cancer Dr. Reed became my best friend. I wasn’t scared when he did surgery

or a procedure. I knew I would be in good hands. Dr. Bellmore was

disgusted by how close we were. One day when I was running late to an

appointment I overheard Dr. Reed and Dr. Bellmore talking.

“ You know the chances you know the percent, John. All that you are doing

is making her feel safer and uplifting her sprit. What happens when all you

cant do anything else. You will make yourself sick by trying to save her,”

Dr. Bellmore said.

“ I know the chances but I also know that she is strong and a fighter. She

wont let cancer take over her. We are doctors. We are here to do surgeries

but we are also her to make the patient feel comfortable and not scared. As

being doctors we are here to do everything we can to keep a patient alive

and that’s what I will do,” Dr. Reed defended him self and me. When they

got done talking I walked into the office. After that day nothing was ever

the same. I told Dr. Reed one day that I had over heard them talking. I guess

I needed to hear them because it brought me back into reality. I didn’t think

of getting shipped off to the hospital every Sunday as just getting treated for

cancer. I thought of it as the one day in the week that I got to see my best

friend. But that all changed when I overheard them. I realized that I do have

cancer and that I am here for them to cure me. Although I was lucky to have

found a new friend along the way.

Bethany and her mom sat down on in two wooden chairs that matched

the desk. Dr. Bellmore started again by stating that Bethany did have cancer.

In her thoughts she was telling herself over and over again not to get up. To

stay seated and let them talk. Because it will only help you. By the end of

Dr. Bellmore’s speech of what cancer is and how it is cured Bethany had no

more strength.

It took all that she had just to stay seated there and her mom and Dr. Reed

knew that.

“I hope that you will trust us to do everything we can to help. I know this is

hard to hear all of this. It is all overwhelming isn’t it? But it will help you

get though you days believe it or not. Never give up hope, Bethany, never

give up hope,” Dr. Reed interrupted.

After Dr. Reed got done Dr. Bellmore was giving him this look of pure

shock. I didn’t think they had that planned what they were going to say.

But I was the only one who knew exactly why Dr. Reed said that. When he

said that I knew straight away that Bethany was going to be just like how I

was. She and Dr. Reed would be the best of friends.

He was thinking about me when he said it. It was the same speech he said

when I got back in the room after I ran out. For about a year I have been

looking down on Dr. Reed just at times to make sure he is still well. Every

time I do there is a different person either waiting to be told they have

cancer or getting ready for some test or surgery that is suppose to help. And

every time I am waiting for there to be some child that fills the place of

where I was in his heart. I think I just found that person and I think he

knows it too.

Dr. Bellmore then hands it off to Dr. Reed who then tells Bethany

about the procedures and medicine that will help her become better.

Bethany is still and quiet while he speaks. By the end of the appointment

Bethany starts to believe that she will make it and Dr. Reed will help her

make it through this.
Two months after Bethany is diagnosed with cancer she is allowed to go return to school. The time in between was nothing but boring for me and for Bethany. Lets just say Bethany didn’t rest her mind much. Bethany and I are very different. I am nothing but tom-boy and Bethany is nothing but girly-girl. Her interests are less than boring and Bethany is more than less bored with sports. Bethany is in love with music. She eats, breathes, and sleeps it. Bethany plays one and only one instrument but she doesn’t just play the piano she is part of the piano. When she plays its nothing but peace and her beautiful songs that comes from her soul but out her fingertips. When she is not playing the piano her fingers just thrive with the notes that will soon fill a blank sheet of paper. That’s what she did in her two months fulfilled with nothing but boredom. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wrote a symphony. Bethany could go back after spring break. There was one day left and she was nervous. Not only of returning but of how people would treat her when and if they would find out. Bethany knew her social life was down the drain. She had been out of school for two months without a word to anyone why she left. The kids most likely though that she a. died or b. moved without saying good bye. Moved would be the more relevant answer but truthfully no one could believe it at her school. At least her friends. They just couldn’t except that Bethany would leave with out any notice or a simple good bye and if she did her friends all though that Bethany obviously didn’t really care about them enough to say good bye. When I say friends I specifically mean Christopher her best friend since preschool when he saved her from a mean bully who was pulling her long ponytail. She new she could tell everything to Chris, but would she. That was undecided. She thought that if she did and he freaked out that he wouldn’t know what to do and might tell her on accident. But if she didn’t tell him and he found out he would obviously be mad. She was stuck.
The day seemed to fly bye like it always doesn’t when you don’t want something to happen. Before Bethany knew it, it was six in the morning and time for her to get up. She was exhausted from all of the sleepless nights filled with nightmares and the horror of the one day she found out and all the days she woke up at noon. She was unfamiliar with her house at this hour it was a little spooky. She got ready quickly and said bye to her parents then ran out the door and waited for the bus. Although she was fifteen minutes early she still ran with her stomach full of butterflies.
Bethany entered the unfamiliar hallways of Clear Lake Middle School that brings back fond memories for me. I remember having my first kiss on the steps the lay in front of Bethany now. I remember all the days in rushed to class and got there just in time. I remember being human and alive. Bethany soon found Chris standing my his locker. She decided to get up the nerve and go talk to him since he is her best friend.
“Hi Christopher,” Bethany says looking nervous and wary.
“Oh my gosh! Could it be, Bethany,” Chris said kidding but was more truthful than wrong.
“In living flesh,” Bethany said realizing she should have never said that as soon as she said it. Chris noticed her strange reaction when she said it but decided he wouldn’t ask. They would have plenty of time to ask later.
“Why haven’t you been at school?” he asked worried for her answer. “Your dad didn’t fall down the stairs again did he?” Chris said kidding although he was right about the again part. Bethany remembers back to when she was out of school for a week when her father fell down the stairs at work and broke his leg and arm and was in a coma.
“ Um,” Bethany hesitated. “Um, Chris, I need to tell you something,” Bethany said with no kidding found in her voice. Bethany couldn’t believe that she just said that on account that she hadn’t made up her mind yet on whether she would tell him or not. Evidently she was. It was just that she realized what relation ship her and Chris have and couldn’t see him get hurt if she didn’t tell him and he found out. As soon as she said it the late bell rang and everyone fled the hallways.
“Sorry, I have to go. I cant be late for Mr. Simons class anymore or he will permanently glue my butt to the seat,” Chris said turning and leaving.” You can tell me later, promise.
“’Kay,” was all Bethany could get out. Bethany’s first class was chorus her favorite class. When I went here I had to take chorus for a credit. I hated it simply because I couldn’t sing and it was embarrassing. Letting every guy friend who’s a jock see me singing when I should be out playing softball is just embarrassing. Bethany hurries through the chorus doors just as the bell rings and takes her usual seat next to her friend Kara. Bethany smiles and waves as Mr. Johnson starts to speak. Kara seems amazed that Bethany was actually there but tried to keep her cool. Kara mouths ‘why weren’t you in school’ to Bethany who replies ‘ family problems’.
“Okay class today I have a very important announcement to make. Everyone who is a singer, dancer, actor, actress, or especially musician have a shot at making it big. I hope everyone knows about the school Julliard. Well, since the director of the band and I are good friends he wants to let everyone of you know that they are looking for fresh new musicians, actors, actresses, and more for Julliard and hopes that anyone who is interested in trying out should take and application and audition. He wishes you all luck and hopes he can get to meet all of you,” Mr. Jackson says. Suddenly Bethany sit’s a little straighter and listens more closely. She had been dreaming of going to Julliard every since her father told her about it when she was five and just learning how to play the piano. She dreamed that she would be on the Julliard stage playing songs written my Mozart and herself. She dreamed of becoming famous and Julliard being her first step. Bethany got up and went down to take a application. When she went down Mr. Jackson was smiling at her. He pulled Bethany to the side where no one could hear him.
“I am very proud of you for wanting to audition. I have heard you play before and you are really truly good. I believe that you will make it. I was bragging about how good and mature your voice is to Phil over at Julliard and told him how you are an amazing pianist. He hoped that you would take interest in this and hopes he can work with you soon. I understand what going on in your life right now, but don’t let it bring you down and auditioning will bring you to a new high, I promise,” Mr. Jackson said. “Oh and welcome back, Bethany.”
“Thank you,” was all Bethany could get out. When Bethany got back to her seat she heard Kara clapping. She looked over and saw that she was clapping at Bethany.
“You finally get to live your dream and go to Julliard like you always wanted to,” Kara said smiling and fake crying. Suddenly Bethany’s butterflies went away and she started to realize that she would be okay no matter what happened. She would always have her friends by her side.
Bethany auditioned for Julliard and played an original song. Phil said that he could see that song played for thousands of people in the near future and that she was an amazing pianist. Bethany got in to Julliard with flying flags. Even though she missed her friends she soon made new ones and never forgot her old ones. Finally Bethany felt at home and relaxed.
A year later Bethany went on her first concert tour playing her songs she wrote. Not long after Bethany started to become sicker and it seemed like the cancer was getting worse. But Bethany never gave up she continued to play concerts. On December 6, 2004 Dr. Reed said he could no longer do anything . The cancer had almost spread to every part of her body. Bethany soon died on January 24, 2005 at the age of 16. Bethany is truly a inspiration to all of the kids out there with cancer and she is an inspiration to me. January 24, 2005 Bethany came to me. I told her she would be all right. I knew from there that we would be inseparable.
Sarah died May 14, 2002 at the age of 16.

The author's comments:
This is just a chapter from a full book that was added on too for an English project. Tell me if you like it and if you think I could get the full one published.

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