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The Magic Of Rain

May 26, 2010
By EllenaPfeffer SILVER, North Oaks, Minnesota
EllenaPfeffer SILVER, North Oaks, Minnesota
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Dreams you Follow

Picture your self, standing in a field of grass and trees. The tall grass is moving swiftly like waves of the ocean while the wind hits the grass. You see the clouds roll in while you hear rumbling of a thunderstorm in the distance. The clouds get darker and darker until you can’t see the sun anymore. You feel one little drop of cooling, chilling liquid. Then all around you it starts to rain harder and harder. The grass you are standing in has wild Poppies. The bright red pedals closed with the midnight black pollen fade ding away from the red pedals. And was like they all went to sleep. Until, the sun comes out again. Picture yourself just standing there watching the beautiful light show. The zigzag line of electricity that hits around you in multiple colors. You feel yourself gain powerful while the lighting bolt hits. Your body get stronger and you close your eyes; take in the sent of fresh pine tree sap. Then you open your eyes and you see a slight sign of sunlight in the horizon. You feel the heat of the sun on your skin. Your olive tanned skin melts in the sweat of the boiling fiery sunlight. You dry off really quickly after the rain pasted. Then you look around and see the grass got greener and the clouds with the mix of baby blue makes you feel more alive and awake. You take in the view of the violent bright red poppies open there pedals and, the midnight pollen appear again. Then you watch the dragonflies and butterflies flying around you with their gorgeous silk like wings flickering in the magnificent sun it’s like everything grew. “Full of life.” Let you imagination go wild.

The author's comments:
I really felt this story come to life when I wrote it during math class.

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