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I am who?

June 5, 2010
By writergirlheather SILVER, Hamilton, Ohio
writergirlheather SILVER, Hamilton, Ohio
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I slip on my shoes and rain coat. Trying not to stumble over toys, other shoes, and who knows what. I live in a mad house. I have three sisters and two brothers. My parents are old fashioned. They think the more kids the better family. I sometimes think they are wrong, though. Don’t get me wrong. I love all of my brothers and sisters, but its days like this one that it starts to get annoying. There is so many things racing through my head. Not all good. Like how I am almost positive I failed my first quarter math exam yesterday. Or how Jimmy broke up with me two days ago. The house is loud and unfamiliar today. Dad is at work trying to make ends meet, again. Mom is trying to calm down Collin and Jade. They have been screaming since dinner. It is six-thirty. I will be late if I don’t hurry. It is raining but I have to ride my bike. I don’t mind. It gives me time to think, although I could do that in a car. I hop on my bike and start pedaling. I pedal faster and faster. Glad to be away from the craziness. I have four blocks to go. I should be able to make it on time. I pedal faster being careful not to slip on the wet pavement. I reach the building at exactly seven. I put my bike on the rack and walk inside. My hair is soaking wet. My clothes look like someone swam in them. I am wet and cold, but I don’t care. I am were I love to be. I enter a room with one wall full with mirrors. The opposite wall has a ballet bar. I put my bag down and take out my shoes. I put them on and hurry out to the center of the floor. The music starts and I glide around the floor. Soon all of the stress goes away and gets replaced with precise movements. I am a dancer and this is my passion.

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