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Learning how to live

May 21, 2010
By Dr@maGeek SILVER, Mckinny, Texas
Dr@maGeek SILVER, Mckinny, Texas
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Chapter one, Losing It All

I slumped on the leather seat while my newest best friend Heather smacked her gum and chattered excitedly about the guy she has a crush on. I honestly couldn’t care less but I nodded and smiled meanwhile I was completely focused on the Screaming people and sirens in the distance. “What…is that…that your house?” Heather said with horrified confusion as she glanced out the window. “What are you talking about, what’s wrong?” I said horrified.
I swung the heavy limousine door open and jumped out, ignoring the drivers protest and the screaming to stop from Heather. I looked up at the scolding hot flames as they danced in the once perfect windows and the pressured water ramming into the fire. It was too late. Yes, Heather had been right. It was her house and it was where her parents had taken a nap just hours before now. Those flames killed her parents and I could do nothing to change it.
“Good morning Hun” Said a chocolate colored nurse as I slowly opened my eyes, blinking continuously. “My house, my parents, my...Where are they?” I stuttered out, moving my Honey brown hair from my makeup-less eyes. The nurse gave me the most pity filled look I had ever seen and left the room. Soon after that a man with a short gelled haircut entered, not making eye contact. “Maybe it’s the doctor?” I thought.
He pushed his stuffy cheap looking glass’s up and flipped around the assorted papers on his clipboard and spoke with a surprisingly soft voice. “Miss, um Fredrickson?” I had a feeling down in the pit of my stomach. Something wasn’t right, and my eyes began to water. “Um, yes I’m Madison” A cracked voice that I hadn’t recognized said from my lips.
“I’m sorry to inform you but…” Then he finished not only the sentence but my life.
Shock pulsed through my veins. I couldn’t have heard him correctly. When I open my eyes I will be in my room and my parents will be there telling me I didn’t have to go to school today. Please if there is a god let them be ok. My eyes opened.
“No!” screamed a voice in my head. They were really gone. The rest of the day was nothing. It seemed like the world around me was alive but I was dead. The doctor explained that my uncle would pick me up by the end of the day and that he was going to be my legal guardian until I turned 18 next year. Did I even have an uncle? The hospital seems to think so but I don’t remember my dad mentioning having a brother. So I guess this is the rest of my life, lead by a mystery.

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