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what's up with life?

May 20, 2010
By TheSummoningFreak PLATINUM, Lugoff, South Carolina
TheSummoningFreak PLATINUM, Lugoff, South Carolina
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ten years ago when i was seven my father left me and my mother he said nothing and left before i woke the next day i haven't seen him since now ten years later i'm heading to a little town in south carolina to live with him i dont want to god i dont want to but my mom got cancer and died two weeks ago and i have no grandparents so i'm stuck with the man who left me. when i got to the south he was waiting for me he looks nothing like i remember he's in his forty's with dark brown hair with some gray in it deep blue eyes and about twenty pounds overweight, great this is the guy i have to live with for the next year of my life well i'll be counting the day till i can get out of here "hello sam" i say to this man i will not call him father "hello scarlotte was the trip okay?" i hate it when people call me my whole name and where does he get off asking about anything about me?. he left me ten years ago" it's scar not scarlotte and the trip was fine" god this man has got to be kidding "okay. scar you start school monday and i got you a car so you dont have to walk here's the keys" who does this man think he is thinking he can buy me off with a car he has got to be kidding"look sam i want to get things down now, you are not my father.i dont need anything i'll get a job and take care of myself in a year i will be out of your hair like i have been for the last ten years i dont need you and you dont want me any way so lets just stay out of each others way for the nexy year, okay sam?" he's just looking at me like i slap him across the face but oh well he left when i was seven i dont need him i sont need anybody i just want to get back to new york and be done with this man."scar what did your mother tell you?" what is he talking about i'm thinking "what do you mean?" i ask but he just looks away whatev.

we get to the house a hour later it's a small house three bedrooms two bath my room has pink in it what the hell! i hate pink my fave color is black as far from pink as you can get. i unpack all my thing's and go out side to get a good look at where i'm gonna be living for the next year all i see is trees! every where i mean it's so much green i'm walking around the house and all of a sudden a dog come's and jumps on me a big dog at that"hey just off me" this dog just keeps on then i hear "luke get off,come" and the dog just go to this person it's not till i look up and see a guy my age. with eyes that can hold you under a spell i snap out of it and get up and the boy says "sorry, he's not use to new people, hey i'm nick i live next door" wow he's good looking "hey, i'm scar" god he's cute "scar, you dont hear that name alot" 'it's short for scarlotte"
"you live here with sam?" well he knows my dad "yeah, till next year" i say "you releated?" well might as well get it over with he'll just find out from my good ole dad " i'm his daughter i just seen him for the first time in ten years today" nick just looks like he's stunned "i didn;t know sam had a daughter" " well he left me and my mom when i was seven so i guess i wasn't enough for him the only reason i'm here now is cause i have nowhere else to go" nick is just staring at me i want to knwo what's so damn interesting "well i got to go my mom is waiting for me i'll see ya around, scar" "yeah" i say and head my to the hell hole of a house.

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on Jun. 9 2010 at 6:30 am
AndTheVinesSpin GOLD, Romulus, Michigan
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The way you write and the things you say remind me so much of my old best friend, Brandi.

I love your story concept, five stars.

[I always return favours, thankyou so much for commenting on all of my stuff. That's exactly what I need to keep writing. You keep writing yourself ;0]