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Christmas values

May 7, 2010
By Controtic92 BRONZE, Maywood, Illinois
Controtic92 BRONZE, Maywood, Illinois
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Twas the month before Christmas and in the middle of the hood lived a middle income family soon to get unfortunate news. The mother had a low paying long hour job, and she had identical twin teens that argued non stop. Every day when the mother got home she could hear them yelling from the car. Not wanting to go inside she would sit in the car for hours, just so she could have a moment of peace between work and home. In the house sat a boy and a girl, Linda and Lawrence. Linda was older than Lawrence, age separate by 3minutes, and Linda never let him forget it. Every time they argued about something simple like pronunciation Linda would yell “I’m older so I’m right” even if she was right the argument would prolong. They argued about everything and had nothing in common accept for the one gleeful holiday of Christmas. Their mother believed that if her children didn’t get what they wanted all year they would get what they wanted on Christmas. So every Christmas she bought their list and they stayed happy in value. They didn’t know how truly expensive Christmas was to their mother each year. They thought the meaning of Christmas was gifts but this year their unfortunate news was going to give them a little lesson. The company their mother worked in was closing down and she had spent months looking for another job but on this day November 25th days before thanksgiving she realized her children would not be getting their perfect Christmas. So when she got home after a long day of job hunting she told her twins the news. They where crushed and they started to blame the money shortage on each other’s money begging. Their mother shouted “shut your mouths, all you two do is argue and beg for money without a please or thank you and I’m tired of it.” “Christmas isn’t about money or presents it’s about family and god and if you don’t realize that, get along, and find out the real meaning of Christmas you two won’t be getting your precious list when I can afford it.” The twins went to their room and thought about the past and noticed their mother devoted herself to giving them their perfect Christmas every year and they gave her head aches instead of simple signs of appreciation. So they decided to get after school jobs that they got off of before their mom got home, so they could give their mom her perfect Christmas. They decided to buy decorations and a real tree like their mom always wanted. They decided to form her Christmas in the basement since they never used it, and their mom never went down there, which made it a perfect Christmas hiding place. They argued every day to keep it a secret. On Christmas Linda went to her mom and said “mom Lawrence is stuck in the basement again and this time I can’t get him out”. So her mom opened the basement door and saw the green and red lights and walked down the stairs and saw the Christmas tree and a whole bunch of presents around it. Then they said, “Ma the day you told us the news we realized we been thinking of Christmas as a day of receiving gifts. Also that we needed to do something to show our appreciation for you so we got jobs and bought all the things that made the perfect Christmas you always wanted. “And all of those gifts are for you Ma.” Their mother started to cry, and she said “oh, with the arguing you two did I thought you still didn’t learn.” “So now you know Christmas is about giving, showing appreciation for one another, family, and the lord that helped us get it all.” Linda and Lawrence hugged their mother and said “thank you for all you’ve given us” they all sat around the tree and watched their mother open all the Jewelry, candles, statues, and other presents. Then Linda and Lawrence went to two hiding places and got a present for each other. Then their mother started to cry again and said “you two have learned to appreciate each other.” “I’m sorry I Couldn’t afford to get you anything, I truly am.” “you both know I’m not strong enough to not get you anything for Christmas, I could never do that to you two.” Then they hugged their mom and said “it’s ok ma we wanted this Christmas to be all about you.” “We love you”

Christmas is about celebrating Jesus’ birthday with family. It’s about giving and appreciating what and who you have in your life. The Lord and The people you love are the true Christmas Values. And Jesus Christ is a gift that keeps on giving.

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this was just an idea i got around christmas and i decided to perform it for church

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