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April 28, 2010
By DaniW PLATINUM, New Bern, North Carolina
DaniW PLATINUM, New Bern, North Carolina
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By Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross

Haley, She’s been the talk of the town lately. Everywhere you go, Haley, Haley, Haley Such a simple name. Haley. Two syllables Hay-lee. It’s spelled Haley though. Not Hayley, Hailey with an I, Haleigh, or even Hayleigh. Just Haley. Pretty, simple, and normal. Just another girl with just another name.

I don’t really know her. I kinda know her sisters. I know her name. I know she’s a middle schooler. But that’s about it. I think that’s what most people know, too. Don’t really know her know her but know who she is. That and her favorite color’s green. A lime green to be exact. I like lime green too so we sorta have something in common.

And she played soccer. I bet she’s amazing at soccer. Her sister is and I bet she’s too. Everyone says she’s beast.

So that’s what I know about Haley. Just another girl. Favorite color lime green and favorite sport soccer. Nothing special about her that stands out. I’m not saying she’s not special. She’s probably a wonderful friend and person. Her family and friends would probably say of course Haley’s wonderful! But overall, she’s just another one of billions of kids in America.

So why is her name in the headlines and newspapers? Why is her name on the lips of everyone? Why does everyone now know her? Because Haley was.

She was a middle schooler. She was freakin awesome at soccer. She was a wonderful friend and person. She was just one of billions of kids in America. And now she isn’t.

She was when they left for school. She was when the car pulled out. She was when the truck slammed on the brakes. She was when the door crashed in. And then she wasn’t.

But she is not gone. She was there when the whole school wore lime green. She was there when her soccer team won the tournament. She was at the hospital. She was there when her friends remembered her. She was at the music benefit. She was at the church. And she was there when her family cried. She was in her sister’s tears. She was in her mother’s sobs. And she is in their hearts. She is not gone.

Haley. Haley, Haley, Haley. She sounds absolutely amazing. I bet, I know she’s more than that. But I don’t know her. And now I never will. But I will remember her.

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Written because of and especially for someone special but dedicated to everyone who deserves it

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