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March 22, 2010
By -JustDance- PLATINUM, Medford, Oregon
-JustDance- PLATINUM, Medford, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
"The manner in which we live and that in which we ought to live are things so wide asunder that he who quits the one to betake himself in the other is more likely to destroy than to save himself." ~Niccolo Machiavelli

So let us find the balance.

The leaves tickle my feet as they fall to the ground. The wind blowing my hair all around; strands sticking to my wet cheeks. I brush it all off my face and sit up.
The clouds are coming in- the sun yielding itself to night. I should head in soon. The autumn air is creeping deeper into my bones.
Headlights flash across my eyes, uh-oh. The slow crunch of gravel under tires haunts me and I hear the echo of a truck door slam. I recognize the deep green paint of the car, the person treading closer every second.
I can't deal with this again. It's gotten to be too much. Too fast.
I'm not going to deal with it. I won't.
Gathering my wits, I gather my things and run. Running deeper and deeper into the dark woods, and I'll never look back.


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