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February 24, 2010
By OlenkaOMg GOLD, Mooresville, North Carolina
OlenkaOMg GOLD, Mooresville, North Carolina
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Life may have come from a man and a woman but i am the creation of only a woman. No male supported my fetus self and never was one introduced as Daddy. I was just given and born nine months later. It was just me and my consever.

Three months after my birth there was an accident on Route 45. That women i just mentioned was in that crash and died on sudden impact. I will never remember who she was because know one ever told me of this until now.

I am also American. Silly thing to be American when you are in the Russian republic but how was i suppose to know? I looked no different then them and my language id flawless. My english is as bad. Really bad. A stab to the heart for my teachers.

My school was the first to tell me of this. My "parents" didnt have the time. They had just died in a fire; cause still unknown. I had no tears spill from my eyes. No reason to cry over a no body to you.

This pressure i have recieved on me to learn English to return to a country I had thought to have despised and to a mysterious grandparent whose job as a secretary sounds low and unfullfilling. I wanted to be a skater or a prime minister of my home country, but it now fading away.

Eight is too old to change lives completely. I now will have new school, new competition and new house, but no home. Home will be millions of miles away. I just hope to return for my graduation.

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