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Just A Dream

February 22, 2010
By jbutterfly10 GOLD, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
jbutterfly10 GOLD, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
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This was always the thing that happened to other people. Not to me.
It was unreal. Almost like a dream that just wasn't real. I woke up the morning after with that hollow feeling in my stomach and tear tracks on my face.
Just a dream… I told myself. Tabby is alive. And then, I remembered.
Tabby Lewis is my best friend. I remember her insane red hair, her connect-the-dot freckles, and her creamy, ivory skin. I cry softly into my pillow.
I think of her favorite song, You Belong With Me. It just makes me cry even harder.
I think of Jake. Oh, Jake. Poor Jake. He loved Tabby. I've never seen him cry, not ever. When he heard about the accident, he broke down…
I think of what she would tell him…
"Don't cry, baby." Then she'd laugh. "I'm with Jesus. He's glorious." And I know she is with Jesus. "I always loved you. Never forget that."
What would she tell me?
"Liz, pick up your chin, don't cry over me, focus on getting a boy friend. No offense, of course." Then, I know she'd laugh.
"Seriously, you're like the greatest friend I've ever had."
She would say that, wouldn't she?
I'll never forget Tabby. I realize that it wasn't just a dream, but some things you have to embrace. It's not that I'm happy about what happened, it's just.. I know it was meant to be.
Love ya, Tabby!!

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