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Goodie Goodie

February 22, 2010
By edwardcullen4always SILVER, Rock Hill, South Carolina
edwardcullen4always SILVER, Rock Hill, South Carolina
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“Oh come on, you never have any fun,” Sammie says to me.
“Stop being such a goodie-goodie and have fun for once!”
I thought about it and decided she was right. I mean, I was college freshman and should
be out having fun with my peers.
“Ok, Sammie I will go, but we have to go shopping because I have absolutely nothing to
wear,” I said, ignoring the bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.
“YAAAAYYY,” Sammie squealed with delight. She grabbed my hand and we headed
off to the mall.
3 hours later we were headed off to the nightclub across the street.
“ID’s ladies,” says the man at the front door.
Sammie grinned her seductive smile and flashed our two fake ID cards that said we were
“Next.” the man says as he hands our cards back.
“Yes!” Sammie whispers under her breath. We walked in and looked around at the
flashing dark red and purple lights bouncing around the room, surrounding people as they
“Sammie I’m not feeling that great,” I say as I spot him; Justin,
The guy I have had a major crush on since the first day of high school.
“Oh your not gonna chicken out on me now are you??”
“Ugh! I guess not,” I said as I pull her over to the nearest empty table.
I look around and spot Justin talking to some girl, over by the bar.
I sigh and Sammie looks up at me with a curious expression.
“What’s wrong now?”
That’s when she looks in the direction I was looking in. “Ooooohhhh, I get it. You should
go talk to him.”
“Yea, right,” I say sarcastically.
“Want to go dance, I bet it will make you feel better.”
“No, thanks,” I sigh again and look at the purple and red table.
“Well I will be right back; I think I have something that will cheer you up,” she says as
she gets up from the table hurriedly and scurries into the mass of dancers.
A minute later she comes back holding two beers.
“Drink up,” she says, “We are going to have fun whether you want to or not.” Sammie
picks up her beer and takes a big swig.
I look down at it. “I am going to have to pass Sammie, you know we are not supposed to
be drinking. I mean, come on, I broke the rules just coming here.”
Sammie puts down her half empty beer.
“There you go being a goodie-goodie again. Loosen up a little. One beer isn’t going to
hurt you, and you are going to be 21 in a few years. You might as well practice a little
before hand.”
I look down at the beer again, sigh then pick it up and choke down the worst tasting stuff
I have ever had.
“That a girl,” Sammie says as she flags down a waiter. “Can we get two more, please?”
she asks as she holds up the beer.
He nods then scurries away.
I take another drink of the beer, and this time it’s not as bad, it might even taste a little
I look up at Justin again. Now he is talking to some girl with blond hair, and an outfit her
mom wouldn’t be too happy to see her in.
“Awww, you’re looking depressed,” Sammie says. “Will you please come dance with
I shake my head and look up to see the waiter putting the two beers onto the table.
“Thanks,” I say, he smiles, nods and walks away.
“Fine, well, I am going to dance!” Sammie gets up with her beer and stumbles away into
the swaying crowd.
I pick up my beer and take another drink. This time it’s great. Before I know it I have
drank four.
Sammie comes back with sweat dripping down her face.
“Whoooo, it’s hot in here. Guess what?? Someone is coming over here to talk to you!” I
look over and sure enough Justin is on his way over. But I feel as cool and confident as I
ever have and I watch as he gracefully walks through the crowd over to our table.
“Hey gals,” he says in his deep, cool voice. “How’s it going?”
“Pretty good,” I say in a voice that is too confident to be mine.
He smiles and sits next to me, and smoothly puts his arm around me.
My heart drops.
And I am back to normal, stuttering and nervous.
“Anybody wanna go for a ride? I have a brand new car that I am dying to take someone
He looks at me and smiles.
“Um…haven’t you been drinking?” I say. Thinking back to about an hour ago when he
had his arm around some blonde girl, drinking shot after shot.
“A little but not enough to hurt,” he says kind of sluggish.
“Maybe another time,” I say as I look over at Sammie. She looks at me with a puzzled
“What is your problem? You never go and have any fun! I thought this is what you have
always wanted!” Sammie says angrily.
It is, but….I just don’t feel right about riding with someone who is drunk.
“Hey, babe, I am totally not….” Justin fades off and looks down at the ground.
“Well I am tired of hanging out with you because you are no fun, so I am going. Come on
Justin, I’ll go.”
He looks at me one last time, grabs Sammie’s hand and walks out with her.
I sat there stunned. My best friend, who was drunk, just left me at a party and ran off with
the guy I liked, who was also drunk.
I sat there for a few more minutes and realized they really weren’t coming back.
So I got up and walked outside. I didn’t see them anywhere. So I crossed the street and
went back to my dorm.
I opened my door and layed on my bed and passed out.
The next morning I woke up and the first thing I noticed was I had a major hangover. The
second thing I noticed was Sammie’s bed was still made.
She never came home.
That’s sent me through a panic. I sat up in bed and tried to remember the details of last
night. Then I figured she might have just stayed over at Justin’s. The more I thought
about it the madder I became. I was never going to talk to her again!
I rolled over and found the remote for the TV and turned it on.
The news was on.
Sammie’s face flashes across the TV.
She was in a car accident with Justin.
They had crashed into a tree.
She was killed instantly. Justin had died sometime later in the hospital.
I couldn’t believe it. I turned the TV off and lay down back on my bed and cried.
One week later I was standing in black next to Sammie’s mom, the lady I had known
since the 2nd grade.
My best friend’s mom.
I lost a best friend that day, because she chose to drink.
If she had survived I am sure next time she would have chose to be a

The author's comments:
This is a fictional story but has meaning. Teens today are dying more and more frequently and killing others by drinking.

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