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Love Waits.

January 27, 2010
By Lovestonedloser GOLD, Orlando, Florida
Lovestonedloser GOLD, Orlando, Florida
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Silence hangs over the atmosphere as the gentle breathing playing like a symphony.
The two adolescent teens lay on a large bed with white lace sheets, they felt sleek and smooth against her skin, and reminded him of her. Light baby blue pillows that reminded her of his eyes, and reminded him of the shirt she wore when he first saw her.
They lay in a passionate embrace, arms wound around each other so tight that the air between them would be suffocated.
He moved his mouth from his and pressed them down her jaw, her neck to her collar bone. She bit down on her lower lip softly as he continued to repeat this action.
Her teenage hormones were getting the best of her, she felt the burning desire deep in her throat, she felt the need to have his broad figure combine with hers, she felt as if the planets would align right if this happened…this was the night.
He felt her smooth skin under his touch, the way her body shuddered when his hands wondered, the way she smiled at him when his lips brushed against her. He felt the burn deep in his stomach, the hormones going on a rampage. This was the girl he loved and he wanted to show her. Just how much he loved her, by making her his first.
She gently grabbed his face and hoisted him back up so she could reach his mouth, and they joined for another passionate kiss. She tasted the sweet sensation of his mouth and felt his hand rising on her waist. He almost died from this sweet bliss he was experiencing with her. He felt her leg rubbing against his own and the friction felt like the burning deep within him. He kept his mouth on hers as his hand found the hem of her shirt.

She bit down on his lower lip softly, feeling his hand on her torso. She opened her eyes slightly and looked down. His hand paused at the fabric and then his own eyes opened too. Gazing into hers looking for permission. A part of her was telling her this was wrong. But a part of her didn’t care. She released him from her grasp so he could remove her t shirt. He threw her shirt to the floor and began kissing the newly exposed skin. She was only in a bra that matched her sheets. White lace and so soft. His hands explored her flesh as he continued to leave warm kisses down her lower half. She felt her body arch, craving more and more of his attention as the burning inside her increased. The part of her self conscious was screaming at her now, saying ‘what are you doing?! Your too young! Stop this right now!’ for a moment she started to listen, the pleasure from his kisses vanished and she was thinking deeply. They both were awfully young and they loved each other. Did it really have to be now?
He felt her hesitation and thought he crossed his boundaries for the moment, so he returned his attention to her mouth, she looked so breathtaking. And she loved him, he loved her more then anything else and just wanted to be with her always. A part deep inside wondered if she really wanted to do this. Should he ask her? Would that make her angry? Or think that he didn’t want to do this with her?
She continued to think while giving some of her attention to his lips, they felt like satin against her own and she barely kept herself in thought. She really did love him but would it be worth it to loose her innocence so young?. And if she did tell him no tonight would be still remain by her side for the days to come?.

He knew her attention was somewhere else, she was still kissing him but her mind was not in this room, or if it was it wasn’t on the current situation. It was somewhere else. He felt guilty continuing to lead it on without knowing if she was really wanting to do this.
He let his hands wonder up her torso and caress her skin softly. Leaving trails of Goosebumps as he went, he continued to do this until his hand found the back of her bra strap.
Her head was screaming, her heart beating immensely, and she felt her body burning. What should she do? Would she be called a chicken if she stopped? Would she loose her love for the rest of her life?. Could they remain together knowing she turned him down.
She was snapped out of her thoughts by his hand by her shoulders, by her bra strap. That moment she awoke. Her eyes were never really open, she knew what she had to do, she gently grabbed his hands and pushed them away. When he retreated and opened his mouth to speak, she cut him off.
“We should wait”, he smiled and gently pulled her shirt back onto her body, fixing it appropriately “I think so too”

The author's comments:
If every teen couple would do this. There would be less teen pregnancys. And it talks about How sex may be a way of the body expressing itself. But If the person Loves you, They will wait till your ready. In conclusion. Love waits for all.

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Katuria:D GOLD said...
on Jun. 27 2010 at 9:56 pm
Katuria:D GOLD, Miami, Florida
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Wow i was not expecting that. I give you credit for simply having the courage to write this and share it with everyone out there. Not many people would do that. Very good job, I liked it simply because of the message behind the words. People should do well to listen

on Feb. 17 2010 at 6:12 pm
BrittanyHale SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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Would it be mean If I said I loved the fact that nobody commented this?Yeah It would be mean so I wont say it.Love YOU!!!!