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Turn Right

December 23, 2009
By Lullally GOLD, Solsberry, Indiana
Lullally GOLD, Solsberry, Indiana
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Turn Right

(David and Amy sit in a car. David is driving. It’s about two a.m. David looks over at Amy, who is asleep, and then switches on the GPS.)

GPS: Turn off at next exit.
Amy: (groans) Will you turn that thing off.
David: Sorry. I just wanted to check that it was working. Didn’t mean to wake you—
Amy: Well, you did. Where are we, anyway?
David: Well, according to Ella—I mean, the GPS system we—
Amy: Hold on. What did you call that thing?
David: The GPS system.
Amy: No you didn’t. You called it Ella.
David: If you knew the answer, then why did you ask?
Amy: That shouldn’t be the answer, that’s why. (pause) Well, aren’t you going to say anything?
David: No.
Amy: So you don’t even want to talk to me, now. You’d probably rather talk to the GPS!
David: It’s a machine!
Amy: Which is exactly why you shouldn’t name it! How do you think that will sound?
David: I don’t think it will sound like anything. And besides, the important thing is that we get there. Which is why I turned…the GPS system…on in the first place, since my navigator fell asleep.
Amy: Well, I’m sorry that I get tired at two in the morning! After all, it’s not my fault we can’t afford to stay at a hotel for the night.
David: Oh no? Well I’d sure like to know who maxed out the credit card, then.
Amy: Would you? Well, I’d like to know where you “misplaced” your checkbook, for that matter. Why are you putting your turn signal on here?
David: Because El—the GPS system said to turn off at the next exit.
Amy: Well, your little grey box is wrong. Stay on this road here until you get to Highway 48. Then you turn off.
David: The GPS said to come this way, I think it knows what it’s talking about.
Amy: And I don’t? I’ve got the map right here in front of me! Turn that signal off!
David: Amy—
Amy: Turn it off, David! I’m your wife, and you’d rather listen to that machine!
David: At least the machine has an “Off” button.
Amy: Well, if you wanted a Stepford Wife, why didn’t you say that when we got married?
David: You know, maybe I should have!
Amy: Well, you know, it would be awfully nice for me to have a husband who will actually talk to me once in a while and—
David: It’d be really nice for me to have a wife who didn’t nag me all the time!
Amy: I wouldn’t have to nag if you did things right the first time. Don’t turn!
David: Fine! You know what? Fine! I went straight! You happy yet? Huh?
Amy: If you think that just doing this will make me happy, then you have so much to learn.
David: Whatever.
(Long pause.)
Amy: Pull over up here.
David: Why?
Amy: I’ll drive for a little while.
David: I’m okay, I—
Amy: No, it’s okay. You’ve done most of the driving so far, I’ll take a turn. We’ll work as a team.
David: Fine.
(David pulls over and the two switch positions.)
David: You know the directions, right?
Amy: Get to Highway 48, then what?
David: It looks like you take the exit onto Stanford and just keep going til you reach the house.
Amy: Alright.
(David sleeps as Amy pulls out. Time elapses. It’s about 3:40 a.m.)
Amy: There’s the exit. No, that’s not Stanford, that’s Weston Pike. Where’s Stanford? David? David!
(Amy shakes David.)
Amy: David! Wake up! I can’t find it! David!
David: Mmphh. Wha-?
Amy: The exit isn’t here! I’ve been driving for at least an hour! I can’t find it!
David: What do you mean? It’s got to be. Didn’t you follow the directions?
Amy: I’m following the directions, David. The exit to Stanford isn’t here!
David: Well-hey! Slow down!
Amy: What?
(Lights flash, siren starts.)
David: Good god! Could this trip get any worse?
(Amy pulls over. Policeman walks up to the window.)
Policeman: Where’re you two going in such a hurry?
Amy: (sigh) A Couple’s Counseling Retreat.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a creative writing class that I took. I find it interesting how many couples identified with the story.

This piece is copyrighted to the author. However, it may be performed free of charge, as long as the author is notified at http//:www.treeshadows.wordpress.com

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