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Sunshine! :)

January 12, 2010
By Emi3ly SILVER, Park City, Utah
Emi3ly SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Sunshine shown through the dusty window. You would have to swipe your hand across the window to look outside. I didn’t care. I was perfectly comfortable were I was. I felt safe and secured. The sunset made me feel happy inside and out. It meant that a new day was only a few hours away. I stood up from my chair and let my blanket fall off. I walked to the door and opened it slowly. I looked around. Nothing. Only the patch of sunshine shinning across my lawn. I smiled and sat on the grass. How peaceful was this? Only the sound of the wind, rushing water, fish come up for air than disappear, splashes of water from the frogs jumping on lily pads could be heard. I sat in the sunlight. It was warm and cheerful. That’s a sun’s definition isn’t it? The definition of the sun is: Warm, loving, happiness, cheerfulness, heat, love, and light. That’s what it was. A great big ball of happiness and love. I just let my smile stay permanent on my face. The sun stayed for me. For the grass. For the trees. For the house. For the pond. For the lakes and rivers. For the mountains. For the world. I knew nothing could change the way I felt. The yellow and red sky dimed. It became a pinkish purple. Than into dark blue. Than into pure darkness. The happiness set with the sun and the love. Gone. The only word that came to mind was….Gone.

The author's comments:
It's just about how the sunshine brings out good and love in people. And how life can be when you are positive. I love sunsets and they make me feel at ease and peaceful...

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