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You and Me

January 4, 2010
By Becks4 SILVER, Canaan, Vermont
Becks4 SILVER, Canaan, Vermont
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His eyes shouted at me. They told me to leave and never come back. I looked back at him, telling him with my eyes that I was not ready to leave. His face remained motionless as he turned away from me, grabbed Angela’s hand and walked away. I felt my heart rip apart with each step that he took away from me. I resisted the urge to run after him. The pain from my broken insides overwhelmed me and I doubled over. I held my stomach, trying to keep the pieces in. I felt the sobs trounce my body as I tried to sit up, but to no avail. He was gone; my best friend had gone and left me. He took Angela, his girlfriend of four months, and left me, his best friend of sixteen years. I was trampled upon and broken. There was nothing left for me. I was empty.
Every time I passed him in the hall, the old wounds from my wretched heart would be torn apart. The stitches I had so carefully placed over the wounds were ripped out, leaving nothing behind a desolate hole. I felt nothing, believed nothing, and essentially was nothing. My other friends tried to help me, but they were feeling the same barrenness that I felt. He had torn us apart and left us, broken and in shambles. He was as alone as we were, except for Angela. They would sit at lunch, putting on an act of pure joy, while deep down I could tell he was a shattered as I. We sat near one another but no words were passed between us. Awkward glances hastily taken were the only form of communication between my best friend and I. I could just feel his anger and resentment towards me, yet he refused to look me in the eye when we passed each other. I did not know what he expected me to do. He placed the entire blame of the fight onto me. He placed himself in a bright light, and left me as the demon of the argument. He had no right to do this, yet it occurred and I had no choice but to follow. I could not break free from his insults and allegations. It was terrible, horrible, and sad.
Through it all, I moved on, I had been through this before and I knew it would end. This has happened several times before. It was almost as though I was incapable of friendship, for each bridge in front of me seemed to shatter as I walked across. I had no choice in the matter, I had no say. I tried to fix it, yet I could not. There was no room for improvement in this box he had locked me in. I felt more alone than I thought possible, though many of my friends surrounded me still. The one friendship that I believed was too concrete to ever break was suddenly melting beneath my feet. I felt myself slip and fall. As I dropped like a stone, I did not care anymore; I did not want to be with or near the pain any longer. I just wanted all of the pain he had caused me to end. So I dropped, I did not try to stop it and as I fell I looked back on our friendship and all of the memories that we had made. I felt saddened because there would be no more future for us. I dropped further and further. So close to the ground, was I, when suddenly, two arms reached out and grabbed me. I looked up and saw the dazzling smile and joyous face that had filled my memories just moments before. I grasped his hand and stood up. He pulled me into his arms and at that moment, I knew that I would be forever safe.

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