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An Interesting Life (intro)

January 1, 2010
By Loki(norsegod) DIAMOND, Sapello, New Mexico
Loki(norsegod) DIAMOND, Sapello, New Mexico
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Comfort. Of course, comfort is relative. Yet I find myself describing my current setting to be just as such. A large, deep chair. A bright tree in the corner of the room (it's Christmas, did I mention?). A fire crackles quietly to my right, and relatives stare blankly at a flat screen television, watching what I believe is a Christmas special on the past of Louisiana. I myself am dressed in jeans and cashmere. Its a favorite of mine, cashmere. Soft and warm, what else can one demand from their clothing? Its late, but the lights decorating the house keep the outside world rather bright. The astronomical amounts of food being digested have induced a food coma in us all, and all of this together creates the perfect writing atmosphere. Overall, I cannot complain about Christmas, although the name might not last due to religious controversy. A holiday dedicated to mass consumerism and commercial instigation of the meaning of words such as "love" and "peace" and the meaning of Christmas. Ive never bought into this, really, but can one (especially one of my age) deny the acquisition of gifts and breaks from the ever soul devouring education system (more on that later). I often times find myself grafting fake illnesses (physical or mental, Im not picky) to create free time such as this, so not having to lie (which, I will admit, I have no problem doing) to live is what, well, I live for. Christmas is not about Jesus, or any other religious persona's for that matter. It is about greed, and the desire to find any excuse to indulge this natural lust. Learn to accept it. Or dont. It wont matter much. We live, we procreate (mostly the superior (genetically) I hope), and we die. The only solid future is, or rather will be, or was, a solid past. This cycle is confusing, pointless, and explains absolutely nothing. So lets move on. This book, or perhaps its to remain simply a story, is about my life. I may be young, but that does not diminish my experiences or my level of understanding. I think you will find my abilities in writing and contemplation more than adequate. Now then, lets begin, preferably at the beginning, as I would hope would be obvious. (head slap) Start thinking. Your going to have to if you intend to read this.

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Comment if you want another section, and check out my short story "The Adventures of Nymph and Nimus"!

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