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January 1, 2010
By adlyn GOLD, Tolono, Illinois
adlyn GOLD, Tolono, Illinois
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I walked alone down the hall; the weight of my books inside of my bag pulling down on my shoulders. Every day I would see you rush past me, chatting and laughing with your friends. All I could ever think about was you. I wanted nothing more than to walk beside you, holding your hand and laughing with you. It was my happiest thought, as well as my saddest.

I was coming near to your locker, but I didn't see you there. I continued to walk, hoping to catch a glimpse of your smile somewhere in this sea of faces. Nothing. I began to worry inside, I worried for you. I didn't even think if you ever thought about me, and yet I still worried for you.

It was at the height of my worries and panic that it happened. I had never felt so much fear and love rush through my veins as I had felt at that moment you touched my hand. Your fingers interlocked within mine so easily, like a key to its lock. And just like your lock, you opened me up.

I looked at you in shock, wondering what you had been thinking. I tried my hardest to smile, to show you that what you had done was most certainly appreciated and welcome, but I managed only an awkward twitch of the mouth. The way you responded made me melt inside: A quiet, short giggle and a beamy smile. Your beautiful blue eyes bore into mine

There was nothing to be said. There does not exist a word in our language that could have accurately described what I wanted to say to you then, and yet I think you understood perfectly.

We walked together, your hand in mine, all the way to the end of the hallway. My class being opposite from yours, we both knew it would have to end. I never wanted to let go. With you I was somewhere else, far away from the monotony and misery that all too often dominated my life. With you everything was beautiful. You opened my heart and took my life by storm, and I could never thank you enough for that.

It was you, I remember, who finally let go, your soft fingertips gently sliding through the palm of my hand. You looked straight into my soul then, sending chills throughout my body, and you whispered goodbye before turning and walking away.
I stood there long after you left me. Glancing downwards at my hand, and touching my own heart, this was something I could never forget.

Never had my delusions felt so real.

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