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In That Moment

January 1, 2010
By adlyn GOLD, Tolono, Illinois
adlyn GOLD, Tolono, Illinois
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It was long past curfew, when I began my walk home on that warm spring night.
The city was completely absent of any sign of life. My body seemed to be the only thing to move.

I glanced around quickly.
Once I was certain that I was alone, I took off my shoes and walked through the grass barefoot. The very grass that I would have been yelled to get off of during the day.

I walked and skipped and jumped through the air. Had anyone been watching, they would surely have thought I was a fool.

But as I took advantage of the night, the darkness, and the stillness... I realized something. Something so liberating just to think of.

And in that moment... I discovered that I had achieved what others had never thought possible. I had done what the great rulers such as Napolean or Alexander the Great had set out to do but failed.

I was the king of the world.

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