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It's a luxe life, can you handle it?

December 13, 2009
By citygirl_tawni SILVER, Ottawa, Other
citygirl_tawni SILVER, Ottawa, Other
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Welcome to my world. The world where the only thing that matters are daddy's cards and mother's connections. Where you ruled the teachers and looks was everything. Where actually, everything mattered- from your pencil case brand to the name of the street you live in. Welcome, to HautePlace D'Education. No, it is not a hotel, nor a restaurant. It is a private co-ed school with designer uniforms and celebs everywhere. HautePlace D'Education, or HPD to the students, is the prestigious school nestled in Montreal Canada. Where all the celebs send their kids there to drink, party and shop. Grades didn't matter, status did. From who you dated, to which prep school you went to or even who your parents dated. This school almost brought precaution and responsibility as a morale. My name's Vianca DeFloras Lorenze. I am known as the daughter of the spanish beauty model Catherina DeFloras-Lorenze. Also daughter of Harmano Lorenze, successful business man. I will not lie, I will be straight forward with you. Our house stretches 2 and a half acres with 8 bed rooms. In total we have 7 bathrooms, 4 flights of stairs and 3 living rooms, along with 2 dining rooms. We have 2 kitchens, a personal training gym and 2 libraries. Not to mention 2 hallways. One is the grand one at the front used for special occasions and the other on the side for those normal days. We have a whole line of staff and service for us form 6am to 10pm everyday, ready to cook, clean or care for us. My dad's always out on trips. Which is when my mother stays at home or is out for a shoot- yes, she still models. She is actually one of the oldest models (age 34) to be still featured in magazines and respected. As for me, quite simple. I've inheritable the brains from my father, and the looks, talent and voice from my mother. I've got the perfect skin, hair, height and size a model needs. Together, my parents have given me a promising life in the future, with tons of money and almost every job accessible to me. Anyways, more about me. I currently have a 88% average, and not to mention but 567 followers on Twitter. Yes, another thing, the amount of friends/followers you have on social networks DO count. Moving on. I have a white maltipoo dog named Kloe who simply resides in her doggy home in my room. My room, is immense. I've got my own computer, TV and mini fridge. A queen sized bed with a satin down duvet with at least 6 pillows. My own personal marble bathroom with bathtub, shower, toilet and sink. My walk-in closet, is HUGE, and full of clothes by Juicy, BCBG, and so on. I do not have that much normal clothes, seeing i do wear a uniform most of the time. But dresses, accessories, shoes, bags and jackets- tons. All designer, and not a single faux. I have 4 cars. All used as an element for my parents which they are competing with the Tasrons, our neighboor. So far we are winning ever since their teenager son got caught drinking underage by a picture in the tabloids. Another thing is that it is perfectly normal to see a 14 year old scantily dressed partying with a virgin drink and appearing in the parties section of a magazine. It is not considered vain taking pictures of yourself nor cutting out articles about you from magazines and posting them everywhere. Don't be surprised if you see your teacher or your class mate in magazines, or if their parents are their idol. If you go all gaga, you immediately go under the desperate section of the social ladder.I suggest you all take note of this. I do not usually doll out valuable information like this. Anyways, so I hope you enjoyed meeting me and let's move onto my social life. I have the iPhone, but I am known to change phones all the time due to trends. My signature features are my hair and legs. I am ALWAYS seen wearing heels, even in school. You will always see me with a bag, heels and lipgloss. My style is chic, posh and sophisticated. Dark jeans, blazers, dresses and leggings. Satin, velvet and cashmere. My signature jewelry is basically Tiffany Co and VivaLaJuicy the scent. There, I have officially branded this, don't try to copy. Normally I would ask what are you like, but my mom's taking my to Milan for one of her runway shows. I got front row seats and VIP pass aka i get to chill with the models behind set. TTYL i will update you later:) My life is fantastic, so you have no excuse on dissing it.

SO that was a piece of a story I would want to write. A story of the class A mean girl and what she is like with out her "kingdom" and social rank. It would show that NOBODY's perfect.

The author's comments:
Well, I do go to a school like this. I am not like Vianca, nor have a life like hers. But i am surrounded by them, and some are even my friends. I've decided to write this just for the pleasure.
None of these characters are based on anyone.

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