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Listening To Baby

November 26, 2009
By Jezabel PLATINUM, Ricmond, Virginia
Jezabel PLATINUM, Ricmond, Virginia
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In the end we will not the remeber the words of your enemys, but the silence of are friends.
~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Mai Thomas skipped down the street. Her light brown hair put into pick tales, bobbed up and down. She was singing a little melody, while going to her best friends Alex’s house. They were going to barbies, Alex had received four new ones for her sixth birthday. Mai was exited, her mother was less then five houses away. But Mai was turning the corner, her mother could no longer see her. Natile Thomas chopped up cucumber, sing a song under her breath. There dog, Baby, was resting in the rug by Natile’s feet. He was fast asleep, which was one of the reasons he was called baby. Natile had bought the puppy after she left her husband, she want a man to treat her and her daughter with respect. Not to treat them with a fist. She glanced out of there kitchen window, she new that Alex’s house was three houses into the cul-de-sac Mai had just turned into. She had gone a hundred times, in this neighborhood Mai was safe. But two house away from Alex’s house a black car with tinted windows parked in front of her. Mai’s dark blue eyes, her mother had given her, grew to the size of saucers. “Hey Mai” , said a man as he rolled down the window, he looked normal he had black hair spiked up and brown eyes. He wore dark blue jackets, as he smiled at Mai. “You wan go for a ride, Mai?” he asked. All Mai could think about was what her school officer had told them about stranger danger. The six year old gulped as he got out of his car advancing towards her. At home Baby was winning, Natile thought he was chasing a rabbit in his dreams, but something was scratching her leg. “Baby“, she giggled as her dog jumped up on her, “What do you what?” But Baby kept barking, it was getting more and more intense. Baby Blue she said in a clear voice, knowing his special nickname calmed him. She tried to pick up the yapping dog, but he darted out of her reach. This was weird, he ran to the front door. “Is it the birds?” she asked confused, as he scratched franticly at the door. The man had his large hand over her little mouth, she was frozen to terrified. Mai was small for her age, and the man was more then four times her size. “ Baby” cried Natile in frustration, “What do you want”. The dog stopped and looked up at her, the brown eyes shown a powerful emotion. She new that emotion, it was in her own eyes as her husband stuck her. That’s when Natile new something was wrong, she finale listen to Baby. She flung open the door, the little dog took off onto the street. A blur of brown fluff and braking. Natile was running a couple inches behind her dog, still unsure of what was wrong. Her heart suck as Baby crossed the lawn of the Stevens, they were entering the street Mai was one. She ran harder, as she turned she saw what no mother should ever see. A man pushing her daughter into a car. “NO” Natile screamed barely audible over Babies barks. As he reached the attacker he sprang forward. Sinking his teeth into the mans leg, blood was spilling out . Kelly heard high pitched barks and blood curdling screams, glancing out the window. Her mind went blank, but her hand reached for the phone. Dialing the 911, as she screamed for her husband. Other neiboors blood went cooled as the screams could be heard over there TVs. Every person who looked out could not believe there eyes, a man grabbing a girl as a woman tried to pull her back. An a little ball of brown fluff was on the mans leg. A couple of the nebors ran out, as others called 911. John could just see in his mind his own little girl, she was twenty-five. But to him she was still his little girl. He had grabbed a shovel as he ran out of his house. With all the power he could muster he hit that man on the head, he fell unconscious onto the pavement. Natlie grabbed her daughter smother her, as they both cried.

That night she went to check on her beatiful little girl. Mai was snuggled up with a hundreds stuffed animals. All Natile could think about was what the man had said to the police. He was going to touch her baby, she walked back to the couch in a daze. Baby glanced up as she sat down, she snuggled into him “oh Baby” she whispered tears falling into his coat. “I can never repay you for what you did, but I promised you for as long as I live I’ll try.” The dog sat up and licked her tears. Sitting on her lap, snuggling into her. Little did she now, for him that would be enough.

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