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It's a crazy concept

October 24, 2009
By Make-Love-Not-War SILVER, Anson, Maine
Make-Love-Not-War SILVER, Anson, Maine
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Life. It's a crazy thing really. One second you could be living the perfect life, be completely happy, then the next moment your entire life could be crashing down around you. Some people don't really appreciate life. It is something to be enjoyed and celebrated. Some people wake up every morning dreading the day. These people's lives might be so bad they decide death is easier than the life they are living. So they take their own lives.

Now some peoples lives might actually be that horrible, but there is no reason you should ever take your own life. Somebody somewhere is willing to help these people get through the tough spots in their lives. On the contrary, some people live to live. They love the life they have been given and embrace each day with excitement and eagerness. These people know that life is precious and each moment needs to be appreciated.

So you should love life. Appreciate that you have been given a part in this world. It might not be big or very important, but it's a chance to become something great.

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It's a crazy concept, life.

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