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Fantasy world

November 14, 2009
By Emma.H.96 DIAMOND, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Emma.H.96 DIAMOND, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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"Marnie!" my father screamed. "I'm going to find you eventually! This isn't that big of a house. You could just give up you know."
Most children play hide and seek with their dad's. I didn't, never got the chance to, I was just hiding. I hid for my life, if I was found it would be the end of me. Yes, I do mean the end, my father had something wrong with his mind. He killed my mother, and now he was after me.
Fourteen years old and hiding in a pantry for my dear life. The sweat collected on my face, my heart beat a thousand miles a minute. I looked around searching for my escape. There was a back hatch to the pantry where the dog could get in and out if my father hadn't killed him too. I was afraid that he would be out back looking for me, but it was either take a chance or have this madman slaughter me in my home. I chose to take a chance.
I peaked out the hatch and found only a thin layer of snow on the lawn. I crawled out on all fours and ran for my life. My feet were cold because my sneakers didn't provide much protection just like my thin long sleeve blue shirt. I didn't care, the adrenaline pulsed through my veins and the thrill was keeping me warm. I heard the car start up in the garage so I took a left into the woods by the park. I could feel people staring but, I didn't have the time to explain so I ran into the dark oblivion of the rest of my time. I knew there were tires following the road looking for my familiar face so I took one last breath before speeding off.
After about twenty minutes the adrenaline I once had burned out of my blood. I sat down to catch my saved breath. The home I had thought to be safe scared me out of my mind. The cold air hit me and my breath became visible. The breath I had taken for granted too many times kept me alive in the worst of times. It kept me going even though I had nothing left. After I found a quiet spot I knew my father would never find me in, I laid down. I had no where to go so I just let the snow seep into my shirt and allowed it to heal my broken body. I let it freeze the holes in my heart and let it seize the surging thoughts in my head.
The snow I had thought to be evil, freezing everything and killing everything was actually my friend now. The moon lit the dim night. They would find my body, shriveled up and blue soon enough. Someone would want to find me, wouldn't they.
A soon as I thought I had gone, a warm hand shook my arm, I tried to open my eyes so hard. I knew the hand wasn't my fathers because he was a cold man. So I squinted into the warm eyes of my angel. I could hear mumbling but I couldn't make out the words. The warm hands wrapped themselves around my body and lifted me effortlessly and i was jumbled. I think he was running, I didn't know where but I was grateful. I was trying so hard to hold onto my consciousness but I couldn't hod on any longer. The last thing I remember was being laid down and being warm.
I woke up on a brown couch, there was a blue blanket covered me and a man whose face I still couldn't make out. More mumbling and his hand came up and took something out of my mouth. He looked at it for a second and set it on a table. His hands moved a stray piece of my hair out of my face.
I sighed and he pulled me close to his chest. His arms wound around my back and he hugged me closely. I didn't know where I was and I didn't care. I snuggled into him even more, the warmth surrounding me completely. It was turning dark again, my perfect world disappearing with it. My arm was being held tightly and my chest was being electrocuted. The surge brought me back to reality and I took a heavy breath in as everybody around me sighed. I was drifting in and out of my fantasy and reality, but I didn't know which was which. I didn't know where to go. I had top choose, my body went limp as it made it's decision to lay there in between. I was in between the two of the, perfectly at ease and I didn't move. There was a light on both sides. I blinked away form it and I switched over to my reality where I was still in the snow.
I took in another breath as my world became filled with sighs that I know life with. I wish I had chosen the fantasy world because now in the real world, I am all alone. But, unlike my fantasy, I am real here, I have a chance, I have hope. Hope for tomorrow and hope for the future.

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