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November 13, 2009
By HarryPotterFan09 SILVER, China, Maine
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I walked down the hall to my next class, accidentally knocking into some lockers. As I bent down to pick up my papers and books, I saw a pair of hands grabbing them and handing them to me.

I looked up into amazing chocolate brown eyes. They immediately clicked with mine. My brain froze. I couldn’t do anything. It was as though my whole body froze up. I couldn’t breathe.

He gave me my stuff as I got up. I always dreamed my first day of high school a lot better. I thought I would be swift and graceful, but it wasn’t nearly like that. This was much worse. I blushed crazily.

“Thanks” I said almost in a whisper.

“No problem.” He said smoothly, like there was nothing wrong with me.

I almost instantly recognized him as a junior, from the few years before he was in eighth grade and me in sixth. His name was Parker Block, one of the most popular juniors.

The next couple hours were horrible. HOMEWORK on the first day. Seriously, who does that? High school, I guess. At least it’s just math. Whatever. I don’t really give a care. I just want to go see my friends.

Lunch time...at last. I had sat next to my best friend, Aimee, who seemed to be having the best day of her life.

“What’s the matter, Selena?” She asked curiously.

“Nothing.” I said blankly. No one could get it out of me.
I went to the rest of the classes on my schedule, same and as boring as the last. And finally, it was time for final bell to ring.

“Thank God,” I muttered to myself, as I packed my backpack and headed for the bus loop.

As I walked home from the bus stop, I remembered I would be alone for quite a few hours. Dad wasn’t going to be home till late for work reasons, and Mom, well, she was gone. She had left us when I was five, for no apparent reason.

I knocked on the front door, then realized I didn’t have to knock since Dad wasn’t there. I grabbed my key from my pocket and stepped inside the small two-story. It was freezing!

A few hours later I was finished my homework and decided to go down to the park. I grabbed a protein bar from the oak cupboards and headed out the back door.

I speed-walked down to the park, seeing the lush jade green trees getting nearer and nearer.

After that tiring exercise, I reached the grassy park and hopped on a swing. Some time later, I felt hands on my back, gently pushing me back and forth on the wooden tree swing. I never knew who that was.

I woke up in my living room the next morning, which was very odd. I sprinted to my room, pulled on a t-shirt, some skinny jeans, and my Vans.

“Wow, soooo classy.” I sarcastically thought aloud.

I stepped my foot into the school, thinking nothing of the day before. Parker jumped in front of me, not knowing who it was, I muttered Excuse Me, and walked off.

I grabbed my bag and headed off for math. Mr. Redwen was a horrible teacher. Ever had one of those can’t understand, so boring you can actually fall asleep type of teacher? Well, multiply that by 9,999,999 and you get Mr. Redwen.

As the last period before lunch hit, I jogged to my locker, where my 12 different books were stored. Oh, man, Mrs. Adrian’s class next. Ugh.

I survived through her history class, sort of. I got really impatient waiting. Oh, for the love of all that is Mike, come on Aimee! Seriously, I waited for 20 minutes.

She finally showed up after lunch, giving me no chance to eat. Oh, well, I thought. After school was over, I got off the bus to find our house deserted.

I saw a letter on the marble counter, and in it read:


I know you probably won’t read this until I am gone. I have decided I need her, your mother; I am looking for her. Stay away from trouble; If I can’t find her I will be back in three days. Don’t hesitate, I have my cell if you need to reach me, and I have put all of your meals in the freezer wile I am gone.

Love you,

This was very peculiar. He never has mentioned Mom, let alone wanted to look for her. He doesn’t even like talking about her when I ask about her. Oh, well, I thought as I glided into bed.

I saw Parker at school. Gorgeous, perfect, happy as usual. I sighed as I opened my locker at 7: 55 in the morning. I was so distracted by him. Couldn’t concentrate on anything at all. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Tried, on everything, failed tests, skipped homework assignments, and swimming practice was really hard for me.

My Dad came back. No sign of her anywhere. He had looked for her all over, on all of the websites, called, nothing. He was so bummed out. So was I. I wanted to go look for her, too.

The next day at school I was at my locker, looking for my History book, when someone yelled “Hey” in my ear. I looked over to see Parker behind me.

“What’s up?” he said.

“What does it look like? I’m getting my books.” Yeah, I was agitated that morning.

“Oh, cool...Um...hey, do you want to go see a movie with me tomorrow? It’s Saturday and I was hoping you’re free.

“Uhhh...I guess....I think I only have swimming at three....So maybe seven?”

“Sounds fantastic. Wanna meet at the theatre then?

“Yeah, sure.” I smiled.

I couldn’t believe it. Parker, the Junior actually talked to me, and wanted to take me out. Wow. I felt really really good. I absolutely had to tell Aimee. But the bad thing was that it was Friday the 13th. Anything could go wrong. I was crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t.

I was assigned four essays. Yup, ironic, huh? I couldn’t understand half of the stuff we were supposed to write about, or what the book covered. All about birds of California. Very interesting, just like my other essay about how Galileo discovered Mars crap or something. Yeah. I hate essays like some people hate anchovies. Despise them more than I despise other things like conceitedness.

“Yeah, whatever.” I heard Aimee talking to Miranda walking down the hall.

“What’s up?” I asked Aimee.

“Not much, why?”

“Well, you kinda just sounded upset or something.”

“Not really, but did you get all of those essays due Wednesday?”

“Yeah...It really sucks...”

“Yeah! Well, see you at lunch.”

“Kay.” And she walked off.

Well, very helpful, I thought. Whatever. It doesn’t really matter, ‘cause I have a date with Parker tomorrow. There is nothing that could even make that bad or top it. Nothing, ever.

I walked into my room after school. Dad wasn’t home from work yet, so I thought it would be a good idea to walk down to the small shop and get an ice cream. Yum, I thought as I grabbed my windbreaker and wallet and headed out the door.

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