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Some Always

October 11, 2009
By WriterWithWings DIAMOND, Seneca, South Carolina
WriterWithWings DIAMOND, Seneca, South Carolina
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"Words and hea

“I love you, I will always love you” Those were the words Tyler had said to his girlfriend, Eliana, just a few weeks before she caught him kissing her friend Ellie.
She was walking by his house and decided to surprise him even though he told her he had to cancel cause he had the flu. I will surprise him and make him feel better, she thought. She unlocked the door with her key and headed down the hallway to his room. She opened his mahogany door. She had always love the color. She peeked around the door just to see Tyler kissing Ellie. What the hell?! Was all she could think. She didn’t have the voice to confront them, she just quietly closed the door and ran to her car. Maybe a drive will help me think. She got on the Interstate and drove and drove and drove. He told me he loved me, she thought, he said he would always love me. Some always. Oh, but all those happy memories! The time he took her to the movies on their first date and bought her all the candy they had. The time when he carried all her books to class. They had so many good times together! How could he just ruin it!? Just goes to show you how love won’t always last. But, she thought, I am glad we had so many good times together. I will always remember Tyler, my first love.

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