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She Couldn't See It

October 9, 2009
By Deverie♥ SILVER, Carthage, Illinois
Deverie♥ SILVER, Carthage, Illinois
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Do you remember when you could see? The beautiful things that were right before your eyes? Do remember the sunsets? Or, perhaps, the beautiful sunrises? Well imagine a sunset all over again. But this one is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

I was in my cabin last night. I decided to step outside and breathe in the mountain air. I sat in my chair and peered through the trees. The sun was slowly setting. The oranges and pinks stretched across the sky, while a purple haze was erasing the citrus colors underneath it. It was absolutely breath-taking. I had to see more of it.

I followed a trail that led away from my house. I had to be quick so I wouldn’t miss this. I hurriedly walked down the dusty path until I was at my favorite spot. I sat on a log and looked to the sky. A flock of geese were flying in a V, as if they were cutting across a famous painting. I stared in amazement as the sun was peeking over the mountain staring right back at me.” I said with a smile on my face. My audience, an older blind woman named Alice, sat in silence. A silent tear ran down her face.

“It does, it sounds very beautiful.” She said quietly.

The author's comments:
once again, a creative writing project

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