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Nobody to a Somebody

October 7, 2009
By Mizotron GOLD, Ashburn, Virginia
Mizotron GOLD, Ashburn, Virginia
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Writing is not just something to do, its what I am, and what i feel i should be, and thats how it should feel when you know you want to be a writer.
~Kimberly Lynn

Nobody: I sit upon this seat, I am neglected, an outcast. People pass by me, not seeing me. I wonder, "Do I truly exist? To them, not giving any second glance, I am worth nothing. I am a nobody."

Sombody: I see a person sitting there, I neglect her, she is an outcast. I see many people pass her by, not seeing her. I guess she was just my imagination, she doesn't exist. I give her no second glance, she is nothing. She must be a nobody.

Nobody: I am alone, no one cares about my misery. A somebody passed me a while ago. She gave me a second glance, maybe she notices me. What do i do? She held out her hand to me,I took it, I felt like a somebody.

Somebody: I risked a second glance, she saw. I truly noticed her. I walked up to her, not knowing why. She seemed confused. "Come with me," I said and I held out my hand. As she took it, she became a somebody.

The author's comments:
Why can't the rest of us help those who are alone, help them become a somebody too?

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