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the mulberry bush

October 7, 2009
By darawhite14 BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
darawhite14 BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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One cold October day josh was walking home from school when he saw this girl; she was standing there at the corner staring at a mulberry bush. I was very curious so I went over to the bush
“What are you looking at” I said abruptly.
She said” there is something in that bush I think there is a person, it’s been following me around this whole time I think that that is very creepy and also stalker-ish”.
“so being as brave and very handsome as I am I yelled hay you stalker person what are you staring at your not invisible I can see you I think that every body can see you, you must be a durrrdadurr for you to actually hide there”.
Then the bush shook and all I saw was a black cape blow in the wind.
“Thanks for helping me I never caught your name”,
“my name is josh”,
I said with my voice shaking as if I actually liked this girl. she said
“my name is sushi”
I was thinking to my self she is really weird but she is kind of cute so I said”
what are you doing for Halloween?”
I’m not doing anything what are you doing or planning to do”
sushi said glomming.
”I want to go hand out tonight with you, you seem really cool and I think your really cute in a weird way”,
I can’t believe that I am so smooth wit it I am awesome...
”well I don’t now but if I cant I will sneak out a hang what is your phone number. So I gave her my number and then we set our ways.
The next day when she came over I was sobered and I told her that and we both decided that we would go out side and go walking. We saw the same dude that was stalking her yesterday she started crying and she said

’Why does this dude keep following me I don’t understand why he is doing this”
.”I am sick of this to I don’t know either I am about to stop this nascence”.
So I go over to this dude and I tackle him because it is kind of obvious that he can’t hide so I tackle him and he goes down and his mask flees off and it’s the princilba. I yell to sushi,” it’s the principal ‘. She said”’ why is he stalking me I don’t understand” he said
” she was skipping school I had to follow her to see where she was going
“ohh I see so he wasn’t following you sushi he was just concerned
The end

The author's comments:
i was just stiting here being bord and then i stared writing i think that this setting is in october and it is when the leaves are folling and all the hot air is gone out of the air for the season

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