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The Life After I Messed Up Royaly

September 26, 2009
By PoeticTwirler PLATINUM, Wantagh, New York
PoeticTwirler PLATINUM, Wantagh, New York
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I sit along the park bench , sitting there just thinking of the past mistakes that I have rendered . I lost him & I lost my life that once was perfect.
My life used to be so simple. Wake up , take a shower, paint on the face to show who I needed to be, put on the clothes with the names everyone knows, and head of to the high school where I stood as queen. No one had the ability to explain to me why I was chosen as queen but honestly I don’t care how I was chosen but as queen I have the power to do as I please. Minipulate others to do my willing. HA! What could I say I loved it!!!!.

3 months earlier

I walk down the hall in my outfit that accented my body( short, tight skirt , a polo shirt left unbuttoned & a pair of sexy heels) and I had my favorite accessorie wrapped around my waist Shaq my bf(A.K.A hottest basketball/football player in school ). We look like Barbie & Ken , king & queen of school. Everyone wants to be us (who wouldn’t ). He kissed me as he walked me into my classroom , grabbed my shoulders & slipped a note under my bra strap , he walked away expressionless. I took the note in my hands, read it………
“ Babe I love you but things are not good for us now. I hate to do this but babe we are over.
-Shaq ”

I read that note a million times facing reality. Without him I’m nothing . Not Barbie, not the queen I was entitled to be . We don’t speak , glance or notice each other’s exsitance for the rest of the day, week, month.

I transformed into the old me before him( a nerd !!!!! ) . No one looks at me again, they forget my name, forget my exsitance . I’m invisable.

1 month earlier

Its my birthday , I’m 18 . I had a party planned but there is no point to one now that I’m non-exsitant in school. No friends ;I thought I knew who they were but apparently I didn’t . So tonight I remaind at home with my parents & a stupid cake with pink writting on it. It just proclaims me as a dork to the next level. Who knew that within 3 months you could go from queen to peasent ; well it’s happening to me & stinks big time.

The next day in school I walk up to my locker there is a rose taped to it with a note. It was his hand writing.
“ Hi Juliet I wanted to say Happy Birthday. I still care about you . Ik you didn’t think so but I do

I read that & it summons tears to my eyes ; the thoughts from months earlier reoccuring in my mind. I was happy than ,but I need to find a way to be happy now. I need to be me . I have to find out who I am without him by my side.

Present Day
To this day I am still lost without my queen status. But I found who I am . Today I render those thoughts again ‘cuz it’s his birthday. I sent a card ‘cuz I’m still unable to face him without summoning tears. My life after I messed up royaly I hear only one thought only silance………………

The author's comments:
well this somthing i guess that goes on in every high school always the one couple that is "royality" than demises because one is being stupid well this is what made me think of this

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