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perscription only

May 11, 2009
By poeticsoul BRONZE, Newnan, Georgia
poeticsoul BRONZE, Newnan, Georgia
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The sky was a darkish gray color, and the neighborhood is quieter than ususal. there was not a single movement outside, every leaf in its place. The inside of the house was filled with an awkard silence that seemed to go on forever. Along with the everlasting silence, the faint smell of spoiled food and old trash lingered throughout the entire house. There was not a single light lit.The only source of light was coming from the t.v which was playing old home videos. in the sink were piles and piles of filthy dishes.A family of roches was feeding off of the overflowing trash can while a trail of ants attacked the chicken carcus left out on the counter. on the kitchen table were piles of dirty clothes that reeked of terrible things. On the coffee table lay numerous bottles of half empty liquor.One of which was overturned,and began spilling onto the old,shag rug. In the bathroom there were bottles of open perscription pills everywhere. On the bathroom floor lay a body limp and motionless.Next to the body was a bottle of pills and an empty bottle of achohol.A clear sign of an overdose.

poor, poor Grace.As she makes her way to hell im sure she will think about the life she could have had.The riches she could have attained.The goals she could have reached.....the mother she could have been.The flower she could have flourished into.Instead of the nothing she became.

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