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My Stupid College To Australia

July 23, 2009
By RadioShower PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
RadioShower PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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I sat up against the wall on my bed in my boring dorm room waiting for my very old traveling teacher to tell me it was time to go. I picked up my red electric guitar and started to play. Slam! The door banged open and in walked in my roommate. Uh she is so annoying her and her giggling happiness.
"OMG! I think I forgot my something." she said in that high pitch voice that gave me a headache every time I had to hear it. She ran around asking me if what bag or lip gloss she should bring.
"I don’t care Holly!" I mumbled after every one. There was a knock on the door and Holly shrieked.
"What," I said. The door opened and in walked a man who looked to be 70.
"You girls ready?" he asked in his old shaky voice.
"Yeah," I murdered getting up and putting my beloved instrument in its case. I sling it over my head so that it rested safely on my back, then picked up my duffle bag and headed for the door.
"Sophia, help me" I looked to see Holly trying to lift her huge pink suitcase on to the floor. I sighed and grabbed the handle and pulled. It thanked to the floor.
"God what you put in there and stop calling me Sophia." I said as I walked out. We went down two flits of stairs. Holly thudded the suitcase whole way.
"Why me, of all the people did I get stuck on this stupid trip with her?" I said to myself as I went through the big double door of the school. Everyone who was being shipped off to different parts of the world stood in the big court yard in the front of the school."Wonder where Joe's off to" Just as I thought this someone came up behind me and pocked my side. I jumped and turned around. "Joe, don't do that!" I said smiling at the boy in front of me. He had black hair and deep set green eyes. "So where they sending you?" I asked my boyfriend.
"Africa, You?" he said.
"Australia and I'm stuck with Holly!"
"Hey Phia!" A voice yelled thought the crowd. Morgan and her boyfriend James walked up. We talked till Holly said it was time to go. I kissed Joe goodbye and promised to call.
"I call shotgun!" holly yelled, so I slid into the back seat. The car starter and Holly changed the radio station to Uh pop! I sank as low as I could in the seat after pulling out my IPod. AHHH hard rock! I turned it up as loud as it would go trying to drown it all out. We arrived at the air port an hour later. As I climbed out I noticed the driver having a hard time getting Holly’s bag out. Silly girl she didn't need to pack so much. Soon we both were standing at the luggage line.
"Miss your bag is too heavy" the man behind d the desk said to Holly. I put my stuff on the rack and walked to gate B12. A little while later they announced my plain had landed and we got on.
"Dibbes on window seat," I called and sat down. The flight attendant went over the safety crap and the plane took off. Even though they said to turn off our IPods I was not about to sit all day in a small place with no were to escape and hear Holly complain about her "horrible" life. I watched California get smaller as we rose higher. I started to fall asleep but Holly woke me with a shake.
"What do ya want?!" pissed off that she had woke me.
"The lady wants to know if you want a drink?" Holly said shyly.
"Coke," I said. She came back a few minutes later.
"Here’s a bag of chips." Holly said. I stuffed the bag in to my carry on.
20 miserable hours later....
"We'll be landing soon," The co pilot said. He went on thanking us for using the airlines and what the weather was like outside.
The next day we were going on the tour of the outback so I packed my backpack with all the things I might need incase Holly tried anything stupid. We were walking to our rental car and I grabbed the keys from her.
“Like OMG!” She yelled.
“I’m driving!” In about 20 minutes we arrived at a building with a metal kangaroo on the top. There was a tall man with a cowboy hat on standing by a yellow jeep.
“Good day mates, you the college kids from Cali” He said with a thick accent.
“Yes I’m Holly and this is my friend Sophia.” She said hugging me.
“Get off and it’s Phia,” I said pushing her away.
“All right well I’m Steve and I’ll be your guide for this trip. Well let’s not dilly dally, get in the jeep and we’ll go,” as he drove he talked about Australia. I wasn’t paying much attention so when he asked if I could surf I jumped.
“Um…no,” I said. In about 5 minutes we were in the middle of nowhere. All Of a sudden we hit a huge rock and swerved off the dirt road. We all screamed as the jeep tipped over and we fell out. “Ow crap! I need to get use to wearing a seat belt.” I said as I stood up. “Hey everyone all right?” I asked.
“NO! My hair is messed up and I broke a nail!” Holly shrieked .I helped Steve push the jeep up right.
“Crikey, she won’t run!” he said turning the keys.
“W-what you…you mean were stuck out here!” Holly shuddered.
“Yeah deal with it!” I said grabbing my bag. Holly started to complain about everything there was ever to complain about. Hunger, the heat, the smell, tired everything!
“Holly shut up!”I yelled and walked off.
“Where are you going mate?” Steve asked.
“To find shelter and water, there’s a storm coming and I don’t want to hear her complain anymore!” I shouted back.
Lightning flashed across the sky. “1...2...3...4...5...” I counted BOOM! The thunder crashed and Holly jumped. We were now sitting under a rock ledge by a blazing fire Steve had built. I shook my head trying to dry my hair. We hadn’t been fast enough and the rain had started before we found the ledge so we got wet.
“Phia do you have any food in that bag?” Holly asked shivering. I reach inside and pulled out the bag of chips from the plane ride.
“Here” I said. She sat quietly munching on the food. I pulled off my black shirt without caring if they saw and rang it out. Then put it back on. My pants were wet too so I striped them off and rang the out as well. PE in High school taught me not to care. After that I used my backpack as a pillow and went to sleep.
I woke the next morning To Holly yelling about some things and I sat up.
“What is going on?” I asked rubbing my eyes.
“It’s Subway! I see a Subway?” Holly Shrieked. I looked to where she was pointing and shore enough there it was.
“Criky what do you know.” Steve said walking over to where we stood.
“That’s a subway doing way out here?”I asked suddenly realizing how hungry I was.
“IDK but I don’t care.” Holly said running (yes I said running) toward the store! We entered the through the door. It was cool inside and I could smell the baking bread.
“Welcome to subway how my I help you?” said the boy behind the counter. I looked up at him, he looked strangely familiar.
“No I don’t want tomatoes!!” Yelled Holly.
“This is all too wired,” I said waiting in line. Holly got her sandwich and sat down. I looked up to tell the man what I wanted when I realized who he was.
“Joe? It’s Joe!” I yelled and jumped over the counter and cave him a hug! “Ow!!!” A sharp pain on my front made the Subway disappear. I was hugging a cactus! I let go bringing with me several spines suck in me. I pulled some out then turned, Holly and Steve were still in the la la land. “Holly snap out of it, Steve can you hear me?” It took me 5 minutes to get them both out of it.
“What, hey, were did my food go?” Holly asked dropping the sand. Once they were both normal they helped me pluck out the spines.
“Ow!” I winced. It was getting late when Steve finally found water and a tree to rest by. We ran to the small lake and I plunged my head in. Yep it was water! All three of us feel asleep instantly tired from the day’s events.
In the morning I woke to a loud thumping and a clown of dust in the distance. “Hey Steve wake up,” I shake the tour guide till he wakes up. “Is that something we should be worried about?” I ask. Steve stares at the dust cloud.
“Um, yes! It’s a stampede, run!” he yelled.
“Holly wake up for god sake!” I said shaking the blind girl. “We have to move!”
“No I don’t want blue hair dye,” she mumbled in her sleep. Steve picked up Holly.
“Come on its coming closer!” he said and we ran for it.
“Hey, what’s going on? Is there a sale at Hollister?” Holly said waking up.
“No stupid it’s a stampede of Kangaroos!” I yelled. We made it to a large rock and hid behind it as the kangaroos ran by.
“Like OMG!” Holly said for the hundredth time on this trip. In about an hour we found the road. It was late afternoon when we finally got back to the tour place. We said our goodbyes to Steve and went to find a taxi. We got to the hotel and I opened my phone to order a pizza when I say I had three missed calls. One from Morgan and two from Joe! I called my boyfriend first.
“Hello?” came his voice.
“Joe It’s me Phia sorry I missed your call.”
“Where were you.” He asked. I took a deep breath.
“I was stuck in the middle of no were with a prep named Holly and a Australian tour guide named Steve for two days. Got rained on, hugged a cactus, drank parisit filled water and got chased but some kangaroos, to be short!” I laughed at his silence. Yep the fest of the trip is going to be boring.

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I like this one my mom laughted when i read it to her.^_^

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