February 23, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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"Don't stop! They're getting closer!" yelled Allen. BANG! BANG! "Let's go Johnny," said
Allen. Johnny is Allen's 11 year old brother. It is the first day of school and Allen did not want
to be late. Allen is 14 and is going into the high school this year. "Coming!" yelled Johnny. It
is Johnny's first day of middle school and he was so excited. Allen and Johnny started walking to
school. When they got there they both looked at their schools and then Johnny went inside. Allen
knew he could do it, but his legs wouldn't move. He kept thinking to himself I can do this. I can
do this. I can do this over and over again until his feet started working. [Thought Shot] He went to
His first class which was math. His teacher"s name was Mr. Schuab. As Allen sat down he noticed
that across the room was the girl he had liked since 5th grade. Her name was Becky. She had long
brown hair and as she pushed it off her face you could see her hidden light blue eyes. She was
wearing a hot pink shirt with blue jeans that had some sort of design on them. She looked even more
beautiful than he remembered. [Snap Shot] A few hours after math it was lunch time. Allen got pizza
and then went to go sit next to his friend Hunter. Then Allen and Hunter both had gym class. In gym
they got their lockers and some information. The last class of the day was Homec. They got to bake
cookies. The cookies had chocolate chips and looked brownish colored. They also had little black
speckles and tasted like cinnamon. The cookies smelled like rich chocolate. On the way out of
school he saw Becky. Hunter said, "Go ask her out." "Okay," said Allen. As he said that he
knew he couldn't but it was like his feet had a mind of its own because they started walking
towards her. When he got up to Becky he said, "hey Becky I was wondering if you would like to go
to the movies on Friday?" "Ummm, I don't know Allen." said Becky. "Okay it's alright,"
said Allen. After school Allen and Johnny met in between their schools. Then they started walking
home. When they got to an alley that they used as a short cut, they looked inside and saw two guys
standing there. One of them had a white packet in their hand. When they saw Allen and Johnny they
started chasing after them. They ran as fast as they could. "Don't stop! They're getting
closer! Yelled Allen. BANG! BANG! Allen looked back and saw his brother laying on the ground. He
took out his cell phone and called an ambulance. When they got to the hospital the doctor told him
to sit in the waiting room. The room was all white with a lot of chairs and a lot of people. All the
people sat waiting for the news just like him. A little while later his parents got there and he
told them what happened. In the end, Johnny died and the guys who shot him got arrested. Allen
will never forget the day he lost his brother.

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