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For Now

June 23, 2009
By kidlet612 PLATINUM, Sterling Heights, Michigan
kidlet612 PLATINUM, Sterling Heights, Michigan
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Light reflects from her blue and green splattered, slate grey eyes. Black, the size of a pinhead, reveals the yellow tint of jealousy, as golden rays of sun beat down on her, highlighting her pretty porcelain face. She watches them silently from behind, holding hands, skin meshed, fingers laced and intertwined. Kissing, cherry and vanilla balmed lips, interlocked. Lip to cheek, lip to neck, lip to lip. How she wishes she was him, she could hold her, run her polished fingers through her soft, apricot scented, curly platinum hair. Kiss her with a passion so intense. She wants to be her baby, be her love, wrap her in her arms, so much like her boyfriend does. She is in love with her best friend. She smiles a lavishing smile, showing perfect white teeth, releasing pepper minted breath, at the very thought of being with her, being hers, and the latter. She runs to catch up to them, leaving he feelings behind, locked up in the back of her mind. she settles for the third wheel position, being next to her is enough…for now.

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