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She Couldn't Stand Unless She Knew

June 2, 2009

She couldn't stand unless she knew.
The toppling stones in the creek,
her father fishing on the pond.
She played games by herself. The creek water was a sea of molten lava, the rocks were elves: some good, some evil. Evil ones wore disguises--they laid flat like stepping stones but shook under her feet.
The water splashed, burning her princess feet,
teaching her to be careful.
She couldn't stand unless she knew.

"Stay away from it," her father said.
She trusted him.

She reached out her toes, checking each step.
Check again. Check again.
She couldn't stand unless she knew.

"Stay away," her father said.
Who else could she trust?

Who knew what the other side of the creek would hold?
A pair of wings,
A prince,
A golden dress.
But the stones toppled,
the elves no longer ventured into the deep water, leaving the sea stretching before her. She used a magic spell to transform the lava back to creek water, but even water could drown her.

"The world will destroy you."
Who else did she have to believe?

She turned her back on the sea, leaving whatever surprises could have awaited her behind.
The elves asked her, "Why do you run? Isn't it all you've dreamt to complete your voyage? Isn't it all you've desired to finally find what lies on the other side of this enchanted creek? Isn't it all you wanted?"

It was all she'd dreamt. It was all she'd desired. It was all and more she wanted, but she left the elves to questioning themselves.

She couldn't stand unless she knew.

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