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The Day my Life Ended

June 10, 2009
By Vinson Pressley SILVER, Miami, Florida
Vinson Pressley SILVER, Miami, Florida
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It was May 16, 2006, the day my life ended. My life was perfect before this date, I had money, friends, new clothes, you name it, I had it. I was going to the coolest school on the planet and had loads of fun and laughter but on May 16, 2006 everything changed.

My parents rashly decided to move to North Carolina. When I heard those devastating words, “North Carolina” my heart plummeted into an abyss replete with bewilderment. Why? Why are you kidnapping me? Why are you depriving me of the right to reside in a place I love and enjoy?

I quickly rebuffed any explanation that tried to justify our departure but my attempts proved futile. On May 16, 2006, we had reached our condemned destination. The atmosphere was a mixture of death and despondency. People were always gloomy and depressed, you rarely saw a smile. I was intimidated by the aggressive personalities that lived in this environment.
People here are rude, irritable, and impatient, how can anyone live in this type of environment.

Everyday I thought about going home; I went into a deep depression and became antisocial and withdrawn. I did not care anymore; I just wanted to go home. My parents, the masterminds behind this decision also began to regret having come here.

My father despised his miserable job which was filled with inept employees. My mother was a highly active person before we came here but since there wasn’t much to do, she became idle and frustrated.

My life went from unlimited happiness to inescapable dejection. May 16, 2006, I will always consider you as my doomsday or the day my life ended.

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