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A Day of an Introvert

March 21, 2023
By ClaireJung BRONZE, Yorbalinda, California
ClaireJung BRONZE, Yorbalinda, California
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“What’s for breakfast today?” Layla said as she tumbled out of her bed. 

“Pancakes,” her mom replied, in a soothing voice.

 –Energy level: 101%--

As she got ready for school, Layla smelled the pancakes with fruits and syrup in the kitchen. As she joyfully walked out of her room, she could hear her brothers scream about a soccer game.

‘Oh! Are you guys talking about last night’s game?”

“Yeah. I said Korea would win!” Her brother Jacob shrieked as he laughed at Louis, who was quietly eating his pancakes. 

Jacob, how’d you know that Korea would win?” Layla said as she stuffed her face with food and arrange all of her things neatly in her backpack. 

“Hurry up, or you’ll be late for school!” Layla’s mom said as she walked out to the driveway. 

~~ Energy level: 97% ~~

As she entered the classroom, Layla noticed that she was almost the first one. She sat down and unpacked when her friend, Grace, hopped into the classroom.

“Hi, Layla!” Grace shouted, as Layla smiled and waved to her.

“Hi, Grace!” she replied. 

“I heard that we’re changing seats today,” Grace said. 

“What!?” She hadn’t heard of this until now, and seat-changing was one of Layla’s worst nightmares since there was a chance that she would end up sitting with complete strangers.

‘Oh no.’ she thought. Grace was her only friend in this class. As she prayed that she will get to sit with Grace again, Ms. Jones, Layla’s math teacher came into the classroom. 

“As you guys might have heard, we’re changing seats today. Everybody stand up!”

She looked at her table. 

There was absolutely nobody she knew.

“Hi! My name’s Adam!” One of Layla’s tablemates said. After that, everybody started introducing themselves.

She was not expecting this, but felt like she had to join in, and thought of what to say. 

‘Should I say something about my hobbies?... But what if they think I’m boring? What if I…’

“And you?” The girl next to her said, awakening her from her thoughts.

Startled, Layla forgot everything she had thought of and quickly said her name.

“Uhh...I’m Layla,”

‘This is so awkward!’ She thought as she faked a smile. 


–Energy level: 67%--

Layla sat down and laid her textbooks out. Thankfully, it was a free period in her English class today. She loved free periods since it was quiet, peaceful, and she had the freedom to blank out whenever she felt like it. Her assignment this week was to write a short story related to the book she read in class. She felt relaxed, as she listened to her favorite songs.

++ energy level: 76%++

Unfortunately, the remaining portions of the day continue to drain her. A presentation, team softball at PE, and a group reading session, eliminated almost all of Layla’s energy. After school, she trudged to the parking lot. She was so tired after the long school day and mingling with people.

‘At least I get to rest now,’ she thought, as she saw her mom’s car on the side of the parking lot. As Layla opened the door, she noticed that her brothers were in the car as well.

“Wait, why are they here?” Layla uttered.

“Oh, did I forget to tell you? They’re riding with us today.” Layla’s mom said.

“... Ok.”

“Layla!!” Jacob screamed.

“Can you NOT scream right in my ear?”

“Sorry, Sorry, but look at this new playlist I made!”

“sigh...Okay. What is it?”

-𝄞♮≈– - ‘ @! !-* 𝄞

“It’s so loud! Can you turn it off?” She asked.



“Okay, okay, there’s nothing to be that mad about,” Jacob said.

“Ughhhh” Layla said, as she melted in her seat. She just wanted to sit in peace.

–Energy level: 00%--

Just when Layla thought she couldn’t muster the courage to field another interaction, her mom turned around and asked, “So, Layla, how was school today?”

The author's comments:

This piece is an approach to the different personalities of different people in our society. Many introverted people are misunderstood just because they are not as open as other people. This short story is about a day of an introverted student, Layla, who goes through her daily life in school.

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