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March 21, 2023
By jaiilynnj BRONZE, Maumee, Ohio
jaiilynnj BRONZE, Maumee, Ohio
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I’m hiding in the crawlspace in my closet hearing him run through the house and breaking my things and flipping furniture because he cant find me then he stops and I wonder why  then I remember that I had left my bedroom light on then he starts to open the closet door i’m in the crawlspace behind my clothes so he can’t see me I hold my breath so he cant hear me Then he bends down and I notice something,There is something about his eyes that makes me feel so relieved,I notice that his eyes are white so he is blind I think to myself He puts out his hands to feel what is at the bottom of the closet he is to far away from me so he cant feel me. When he Bends down to see me I can see how tall he is. He is about 7ft tall but he starts to get up and I can hear my brother start to cry and I get scared and run to him and the man had left so my baby brother was safe but I couldn't get his face out of my mind it was so creepy and I start to see him everywhere I go and it makes me really paranoid. I still ended up calling the cops and they took him to a mental psych ward because he had escaped from the place. Whenever I would see a strange man in the woods I would lock all the doors and turn off all the lights and hide so he would think I'm not home. About 5 years later he came back but not to hurt me to protect me. I was 20 when I married this guy. He was weird but I didn't care. A couple months into our relationship he starts to get aggressive and angry for no reason. It's like he is a whole different person. About a week later I woke up inside of a basement and I thought to myself Did I get kidnaped? And I started to panic. Then I hear a familiar voice behind me “I see you're finally awake” And It's my husband who said that he has me somewhere where I can never be found and I can't do anything about this because I'm chained to a chair. He blindfolded me and I could here him walk around and then say that he is going back to town and say that I had gotten killed by wolves and that it was so sad but no one would find me. I started crying and I could hear him making a quiet chuckle and then I heard him go up the stairs and leave out the door dut not before locking It. I am now stuck In the basement alone. About two weeks later I am still sitting in the basement and I hear him upstairs and he leaves the house so I start to try to wiggle myself out of the chains and I do and that took me about 30 minuets and then I went to the door and he had locked that to I break down the door In about 30 more minuets and then I go to open the door I was so close to victory but an I was about to reach the door It swung open and their he was standing there he was yelling at me and he was about to hit me but before he could touch me he stoped dropped and he wasn't moving and I thought he was dead because there was a gunshot wound on the back of his neck and I screamed and looked outside for the first time in a long time and I think about how beautiful this is and how nice the air was but then I looked up to see who had shoot him and I saw the man hoding a gun and I was scared of him but something told me hto tell him thank you and how he knew where I was and he said “I can always tell where my daughter is. “ I ask him what he ment by that and he said that he would tell me in the car and when we get in the car he says that he is my father and when I was very young I was kidknaped and they could never locate me and when he was talking to the police and said that he could feel where I was they put him in a mental hospital but he was going to protect me and stop people from hurting me so I started living with him and then he died 2 years later of complications and it was very sad I cried a lot but I am better now. 

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