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English Class

May 26, 2009
By Stephany Silva BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
Stephany Silva BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
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She tapped her pen impatiently as the teacher continued her lesson on the Elizabethan Age and wondered what to do next. The decision to stay an extra year in high school while her other peers advanced onto their next phase in life was twisting her insides; she had lost sight of her dreams, her determination and quite possibly her happiness as well. Everyone around her seemed to have it all planned out, although stressed; they had something ahead in the future to look forward to. All the while she would be stuck here as if in some purgatory, dreading its arrival yet fearful for it to end because that would signify the end of her carefree days. The school she attended was not exactly helpful either unless you were on the football team, studying math or science. She never exactly 'fit in,' however; she did have the few close friends who somehow managed to help her keep her sanity throughout these past four miserable years. At home her family had always remained generally supportive, and having those two support groups surely eased her worries, if only temporarily. Her career choices were always changing because she selected that particular profession to please her parents; she would lose interest after a while and give up. These careers went from fashion designer, to chef and everything in between. Every time she changed her mind about her future, she knew that music is what she lived for since the moment she took her first breath seventeen years ago. That was when she finally decided to go after what was written in her fate because she knew if she never did, it would occupy her every waking thought. The bell rung with a sudden 'PANG' and she jumped in her seat from the final bell before the next class begun. Looking around, she realized that she was the only one left in the room. As the teacher cocked her head to the side and raised one eyebrow at the student, the young girl flew out of the room with the sudden rush of urgency and hope that was lost so long ago.

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