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The DarkSide.

May 20, 2009
By Kaitt PLATINUM, Petersburg, Virginia
Kaitt PLATINUM, Petersburg, Virginia
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I’d like to meet someone who won’t break my heart into a million pieces. Someone who will treat me right, show me respect. A guy who won’t be embarrassed to talk to me around his friends.

“A new start?” I ask my mom as my jaw dropped to the floor.

“Yes dear, we can get away from this boring old country life, and start a new life someplace else.” She gives me a hopeful smile.

Why am I so upset, this is what I wanted…right? A new start somewhere where no one knows the real me, and I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not. I can get away from this place, leave my past behind and start over.

“Okay, where exactly are we going, and when?” I risk a glance at her face, and see something I’ve never seen there before. Whatever emotion that was played out on my mother’s face, whatever secret that was hiding behind those golden eyes, was something I didn’t know. It wasn’t like her at all, and one thing was for sure, that looked scared the life out of me. I think she’s hiding something from me, something dark from her past, and I suddenly knew the reason why she wanted to move. Whatever she was hiding from had found her, and we were in danger.

“I was thinking we could go to Rome, and maybe stay with your father for a while.” All the time she was saying this, she was staring at the ground. Yeah, she is definitely hiding something. The fact that she was hiding something wasn’t number one on my worry list, but it was high up there. What worried me the most was that she wanted to live with my father! I had never met him; mom always told me that she ran away from him when I was born, she said that she didn’t want him in her life anymore.

“Are you crazy?” I blurted out unexpectedly, and really wished I hadn’t when I saw the look of pain that washed over my mom’s face.

“I mean…sorry, I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just I’ve never met him.” I felt a little awkward as my mom sat there gazing over my shoulder, as if she was watching someone else that wasn’t there. Or, was there really someone behind me? I start to turn and see if there really is someone there, but just as I did mom jumps over the coffee table and grabs my arm, forcing me to turn and look at her. Okay, so now she’s really starting to freak me out. She opens her mouth like she’s about to say something, but just lets me go instead. I take a few steps back, careful not to trip over the coffee table, but being the klutz I am, trip anyways. Just as I think I’m going to fall and bust my head on the floor, a hand grabs me from behind. I slowly stand up, and turn around to gaze into a face so familiar, yet so distant; a stranger. Or maybe not so much, I knew those cat green eyes, and I knew that stubborn mouth, I saw them both every time I looked into the mirror. Was this my father? Oh my god, he looks exactly like me! I was shocked, and I didn’t know if I could even trust my own voice to come out steady if I spoke, so I took a few steps back.

“M…Mom?” I looked back at the strange man, “Who are you?”

“Ceredilie, I’m…”

“Wait what? How do you know my name?” Holy crow, he knows my name!


“Don’t call me that, I don’t even know you!” Who does this man think he is, walking into my house like he knows me like he knows my mom, how does this freak even know my name?
He closes the gap in between us and grabs my shoulders, I try to jerk away, but he’s too strong and he holds me there, forcing me to look into his face.

“Ceredilie, I’m your father. Just listen to me, you and your mother are in trouble, you just have to come to Rome with me. I promise that I will tell you everything when you and your mother get settled.”

I can’t think of anything to say, the best I can do is stare up into this face. Why do I look so much like him, and nothing like my mother? What is really going on here, what happened after I was born? There has to be more to this story than my mom or this stranger are letting onto. I don’t want to go to Rome, I mean I know I said I wanted a new start and all, but Rome? That’s not even in the United States! What about the friends I do have here, what am I going to tell them; that my long lost father suddenly decides to walk into my life just to take me away? Yeah right, they would think I’ve gone crazy. I try to come up with a plan to get me out of this, but when I look at my mom, and I see her face, I know her mind is set, I just hope we aren’t leaving so soon; I at least want to say goodbye to my friends. I look back up at my “father” and see him staring at me like I’m some special treasure that’s going to save the world.

He doesn’t see me looking at him, be then he sees me staring, mouth wide open. He lets go of one of my arms, and uses that hand to close my mouth, then he takes a step back releasing me all the way, and sits down. I stand there for a moment silently gazing at my feet. I’m still trying to think of ways to delay the trip, when I get a great idea.

“Cant I at least tell my friends goodbye? I’m not just going to up and leave without seeing them one last time.”

He looks me over with those penetrating eyes, it’s like he can see right through me. A smile plays across his stubborn mouth, I know all too well as he speaks in that cold voice.

“Of course you can go, just stay out of trouble, please.”

Wow, that was shocking. I was not expecting him to let me go, without me at least having to put up a fight.

“Um okay thanks.” I say as I turn to around ready to escape to my room. I take the steps two at a time and quickly dart into my room, carful to close the door behind me. I take in my surroundings, and let out a grateful sigh, happy to be away from all the chaos, even if only for a short time. I take the few short steps to my bed, sit town and grab my cell phone from off the bedside table. I scroll through my contacts until I see Amy’s name pop up on the screen. Amy has been my best friends since she moved here in the second grade. We’ve been through pretty much everything together, and made it through our senior year in one piece.

I click the little green phone and it dials her number, as I’m lifting the phone to my ear. Ring, ring.


“Amy! Hey it’s Ceredilie.”

“Oh, hey girl! What’s up?”

“I’m not sure; some pretty weird stuff has been going on this morning. Do you think you and Tyler could meet me at the Rave?”

In this small town the one place teens love to hang out at the most has got to be the Rave. It’s a small club on the border between Snows Dale which is where I live, and Jacks Town, a bigger city to the north of us.

“Yeah, I’ll go upstairs and let him know what is going on. Are you sure you’re going to be okay?” Amy says though the little black speaker at my ear.

“I think so; I’ll tell you and Tyler everything, promise!”

I hang up the phone and head to my closet. I open the door, and flip on the lights, I take a look around grab some black skinny jeans, and a black and red band tee. I flip off the lights, shut the door, and strip off my sweats and tank-top and trade it for the jeans and band tee. I run my fingers through my hair, and spike the back up with some gel. I grab my phone and car keys from the bedside table, get my purse off the doorknob, and run down the stairs. When I get down stairs the living room is empty, and the first though that crosses my mind is that that freak has done ran off with my mom, but distant voices from the kitchen relieve me of that fear.

“I’m going!” I yell as I exit the house through the big oak doors, making sure they close behind me.

I walk out into the blazing sunlight, and head down the walkway to my car. Oh yes, my beautiful red 2009 mustang GT with black flames shooting down the side. Yeah, forgot to mention, mom is rich. She discovered something that scientist had been searching years to find. I opened the door to my mustang, got it and started the engine. I closed the door and pulled out the driveway.

It was almost a thirty minute drive to Jacks Town, so I wasn’t really in the mood to drive slowly. I sped my way through the back roads, listening to m y new Chiados c.d. I was just getting off the exit for Jacks Town, when my phone started to ring. I reached for the radio and turned the volume down, then dug through my purse trying to find my phone. Tyler’s name popped up on the screen, and I hit the answer button.


“Hey, where are you?”

“I just got off the exit; I’ll be there in five minutes.”

“Okay babe, see you in a few.” Click.

I looked at the screen, “call ended” flashed in red across it, so I threw the phone into the passenger seat, and turned the music back up. Tyler and I were high school sweethearts, but he went from being a sweetie to a jerk. I finally ended it when we were in our senior year, but I swear he can’t get out of the habit of calling me “babe”. He’s really still a great guy if you can get past the hole “jerk” thing, and I can trust him will all of my dark secrets, that’s why I wanted Amy to bring him. Oh yeah, by the way Amy and Tyler are brother and sister, so I’ve pretty much grown up with them both. I don’t know what exactly is going on this time, but it’s weird, and I hope they can help me figure it out.

Ever since I was little I would have weird dreams about things going on. Turns out what I was dreaming actually was happening around the world after I had dreamt it. I was too scared to tell my mom, so I went to Amy hoping she wouldn’t think I was crazy. She didn’t think I was crazy, and she tried to help me figure out what the dreams were supposed to mean. When we went to Tyler for help, he was there for me and he helped out a lot. I remember now that he wasn’t always the way he is today. When we got to high school he joined the football team, and his life started to revolve around that. He still means a lot to mean, I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to love him like that again. I stop at the red light, and I can see the Rave. It’s not hard to miss with its colorful paint and flashing lights. I drive down and take a right into the entrance. I park my car beside Amy’s sky blue Minnie Cooper, and cut the engine on my beautiful mustang.

I flip down the mirror check my hair real fast, and wipe the smudges from last night’s makeup off. Done with that I grad my purse, throw the keys and cell phone into it and get out of my car. I shut the door, and head for the Rave’s entrance. The bouncer is waiting at the door, and opens it for me as I approach. I walk inside and spot Amy and Tyler sitting at our usual spot. I walk over waving hello to the manager as I walk by, and then take as seat beside Tyler when I reach the table.

“Hey girl.” He puts his arm around me in a kind of awkward hug.

“Hey.” I give him my best smile, and he sees right through it.

I look at Amy; she’s got her nose stuck in her phone as usual. I reach up and grab it out of her hand.

“Hey Amy.” I say as I hand her phone back.

“Hey Hun, are you going to tell us about you “crazy morning” now?”

“Yeah, I’m dying to know.” Tyler says and drops his arm from around my shoulder.

“Okay, well it’s kind of a long story.” I say looking at Amy.

“We’ve got time girl.” Amy tells me, and rests her hand over top of mine.

It makes me feel a little better but not much, I start with telling them about my mom, and how she was acting this morning. I took a pause and sipped some of my drink; the manager was kind enough to bring over what we usually get. I begin again. I tell them about everything, the strange man who looks just like me and that he said he was my father. I told them how freaked out I was with this whole thing, and waited for them to respond.

Tyler and Amy stare at me with huge eyes. I feel a little uncomfortable, and start to think that they don’t believe me. I mean if I was them, I wouldn’t believe me either. I would think I was crazy and needed mental help.

“Wow, well that’s really insane. Do you really think he’s your father?” Amy says thinking about what I had said.

“I don’t know, I mean he looks so much like me Amy. He has my eye, and my mouth. I know it sounds weird, but I think he might be. I think my family is in trouble, something is about to happen, I can feel it.”

Amy and Tyler look at each other for a few minutes. I stare at the neon green clock hanging on the wall, it’s already 5 p.m. Finally Tyler breaks the long silence.

“Ceredilie, do you really think something bad is going to happen to you? I mean if it was really as bad as you think it is, wouldn’t it have happened sooner? Don’t you think it’s kind of weird that this guy just shows up and wants you to leave and go to Rome with him?

“Look Tyler, I know it’s weird but think about it. Maybe something happened before I was born. Maybe my mom didn’t actually leave my dad, but he sent her away to protect her.”

Amy, who hasn’t really said anything the whole time says, “I think you might be on to something. Maybe they are like some type of assassins, but the enemy got stronger and they came after your dad’s only weakness; your mom.”

“Okay Amy, I think you lost it. This whole thing is just weird, I’m sure there is some logical explanation for what is going on here.” Says Tyler looking at Amy like she’s the one who lost her mind, not me.

“Guy’s, my parents weren’t assassins. I think it’s something else. I just don’t know what, it’s like I can feel it deep down. Something is coming.”

We sit in silence again, all of us trying to think of some explanation for what’s going on, but none of us coming up with one. I look around, and suddenly have the urge to use the restroom. I get out of my chair, “I’m going to the bathroom.” I say as I start to walk toward the door, to the bathroom. I walk across the soft carpet, and open the multicolored glow in the dark doors. I take a quick look at myself in the mirror; somehow, I seem to look different. I ignore the image staring back at me and walk into the third stall, I hear the big doors open, and try to peek under the stall door, but I don’t see anything.

“Amy?” I call as I quickly zip up my jeans. “Amy, is that you?” No answer. I start to freak out, there was no one else here, the only people were me, Amy, Tyler, and the Manager. I look around and try to find something that I can defend myself with if I need to. I had no luck with that, there was nothing in here that would be of any use to me. I slowly reach for the lock on the door; I unhook the latch and swing the stall door open as fast as I can. Jumping out, I feel like an idiot because there is no one else in there except for me. I could have sworn I heard the door open though. I must be getting paranoid, or I’m just really stressed out.

As I walk out of the restroom door, I can’t help but feel like someone is watching me. I turn around, but I don’t see anyone there. It’s okay, you’re just tired I tell myself, as I walk back to the table and sit down. Tyler, and Amy don’t say anything, they just silently stare at the table. I watch them both for a few moments before speaking then I look up at Amy, “Did you go into the bathroom?” I ask.

She looked back at me with a puzzled expression, and then shook her head. “No, I haven’t moved.” She said studying my face.

I sigh and close my eyes, an image of the bathroom door opening forming inside my head. I open my head and look down at my hands, “Did you see anyone go in there?” Now it was Tyler’s tern to study my face, concern in his eyes. He takes my hands and a small shiver goes down my back, “We are the only people in here beside the manager…” he pauses, “and none of us went into the bathroom.” I stop looking at my hands and turn my gaze towards the door of the Rave. Tyler was right; we were the only people there. The only cars in the lot were Amy’s sky blue Minnie Cooper, my red mustang, and the owner’s black pick-up truck.

I sighed, “But I swear I heard the door open while I was in there…” I said my voice a quiet whisper; barely audible over the techno music blaring from the speakers. I don’t say anything else and shake my head looking out at the setting sun. Tyler and Amy probably thought I was losing my mind.

Amy put her hands on my face forcing me to look at her, “Go home and get some rest Ceredilie; you’re tired, and a little freaked out by your morning.” I nod and stand up taking my hands away from Tyler. Amy stands up and walks with me to the door; Tyler just sits at the table, watching me.

We stop at the door and Amy puts her hands on my shoulders. I try to smile but it wavers on my face, and my eyes betray how shaken up I really am. Amy brushes a piece of hair out of my face, “Your going to be okay Hun, even if you have to move. You know I will always be here for you…” Her voice cracked at the end of her sentence and a small tear fell from her eye. I automatically reach up and wipe it away.

“I’m going to miss you so much Amy.” I say and wrap my arms around her and start to cry. She hold me there for a moment crying too. Finally we pull apart from each other the last of our tears falling. We both try to smile; but our smiles are broken. “See you around.” I say and walk out the door.

I cross the lot and get into my car. It’s dark outside now; streetlights glitter on the side of the road. I place my hands on the steering wheel of my car; they shake, just the tiniest bit. I close my eyes’ taking deep breathes trying to calm myself. When I open my eyes again tiny drops of rain glitter my windshield; I turn on my wipers, and back out of the lot. My car slows to a stop at the red light and I decide to take the highway home. When the light turns green I push down on the gas, glancing in the rear view mirror as the flashing lights of the Rave slowly disappear behind me. Turning my eyes’ back to the road I took the exit that would take me back to Snows Dale.

The silence in the car grew on me and I couldn’t take it anymore pulled out my A Day To Remember c.d. and put in into the c.d. in replace of the Chiados one. Turning the volume up I let the music take control of my body. I lightly drum my fingers on the steering wheel, matching the beat of the song. I drove slow on the spiraling ramp the rain falling heavier the farther south I drove. Checking the mirror I merged to the left joining the other cars on the highway. It was pouring now, the rain falling hard onto my car; clouding my view, and making it hard for me to see. I kept to the speed limit, only going a little over 45. A tractor trailer zoomed by on my right side. I swerved a bit to the left; being so close to the big truck scared me. Getting my car under control I exit off the highway. Crazy morning or not, I didn’t have a death wish.

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