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Illegal possession of a property

October 22, 2021
By Salman-Ahmed-khan-125 BRONZE, Karachi, Other
Salman-Ahmed-khan-125 BRONZE, Karachi, Other
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Once there was a family who used to live happily together in a small house they were five members .*Mr and Mrs Jake smith* and there 2 sons *Jaden smith* and *Mark Smith* and a daughter *Charlotte smith*.As they were on their struggling phase each of them were working according to their responsibilities and they have maintained a good life for each other with this collaboration.Mr and Mrs Jake both works to live on meanwhile Charlotte and Mark take care of their house and the other things responsibly but Jaden was a reckless man even he was elder among them.One day what happened as the parents got back home they were very happy because they got their committee which they had been saving for 2 years.As they were middle class family so they wanted to spend their money in a productive way so they decided to use their money on their house to expand it.Mr Jake were given a piece of land by his father but there was a problem.Mr Jake's elder brother named as *Daniel David* illegally possessed that piece of land which was given to Mr Jake. He was taking the advantage of being a member of an political party which was on the power on that time that's why he wasn't ready to give what belonged to Mr Jake.they had been fighting for their property for a long time.For the timing being they delayed the plan of construct. As his rulling party went down and the opposition become in power then there is a unexpected change occurred There's a person came in their lives named as *Peterson* he was also from Mr Jack's circle of relatives.He was Jack's nephew and also belonged to an political party but he was in the opposite party but on the other hand Daniel David was belong to another party.Even though Peterson had no Rights to occupy this land but illegally he was trying to inhabited there.He was threatening Mr jake and his family and said that I would not disturb you but you had to leave the remaining area but jack was not ready to do what Peterson wanted.In the end the decision had gone to the assembly because jack was not able to take stand against him then Mr Jack announced an assembly in the assembly ll the wise people of their town were there.After a very hard discussion they come up with solution wisely and the justice wins.Even after Peterson was threaten them but he was arrested by the police cause of threatened and illegally occupation and very next day jack had his house constructed and was happy!

The author's comments:

This is about the illegal possession of property where some people wanted to occupy it illegally

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on Dec. 12 2021 at 2:07 am
Salman-Ahmed-khan-125 BRONZE, Karachi, Other
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Well done man!

Fouzia said...
on Nov. 17 2021 at 10:15 am
Fouzia, Karachi, Other
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Nice job bro keep it up