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Betrayal of Two Brothers

March 25, 2021
By shadowinmoonlight BRONZE, Andijan, Other
shadowinmoonlight BRONZE, Andijan, Other
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Mr. Cox was sitting quietly in the corner of the room separated from others. He wasn’t sure what he was doing in that support club, but his heart had led him there. He merely listened to others since his mind was somewhere else. He initially refused to speak, but to overcome his feelings he decided to release his sorrows.

“I’ve spent my life trying to please them, being a good brother was not easy when both of the parents were dead,” told Mr. Cox regretfully, “I was a father and a mother for them. In the meantime, I made money for their education, I worked at nights, I gave up everything I had - my health, study, dreams – everything. I almost forgot my duties as a father and a husband. And after 20 years, my brothers left me when I needed help,” he stopped.

His story was common those days, so the people in the room weren’t surprised. Yet it did touch them, deep sadness fell their hearts. One man asked him to go on after a while.

“I have two brothers. Both of them were working in a car manufacturing factory when I was in a higher position. I helped them to build houses, buy cars, and invest in their future, I supported them in every way. I made them rich, and that’s my biggest mistake I ever made, I believed they would be with me if something happens.

“Later I got fired because they were doing some inside operations behind my back and they were exposed. After some time, they left their jobs too, but they had already opened a small private firm and did not even tell me. After I had got fired, my son infected with some kind of disease and they did not help me, they could give me some money for the hospital bills, but they didn’t… those days… I don’t want to talk about this, please, I don’t want to remember those days,” continued Mr. Cox with tears.

Everybody’s minds were lost in thought and silence. Even though all of them were intrigued to know what happened next, nobody dared to speak. Finally, Mr. Cox resumed his story to run away from the terrible emptiness and quietness of his heart.

“Oh, this life… I didn’t believe it when they said life is like a wheel, my “lovely” brothers morally abused me accusing of working with their competitor, but their competitor actually helped me to rebuild myself and supported me financially when my son was sick.

“So I thought they would understand my situation, but they didn’t… after that, I left that business and started to work in entirely another job.”

“But I guess they did not want to stop bothering you...” added one man.

“Unfortunately, yes… Yesterday one of them called me and spoke to me so harshly that I wish I wasn’t his brother” cried Mr. Cox, “he was so rude, he blamed me for even our parents’ death… then I said… I would never forgive him for this accusation and he would get what he deserved… then this morning I got a message from the lawyers – their firm got bankrupt and they were arrested for money laundering and fraud.”

“What goes around comes around. What are you going to do then, Mr. Cox?” asked that man.

“I’m not sure. I am asked to testify against them, I think I will tell everything in the court, I think they deserve it, but they are still my brothers, they are children of my parents… If I hadn’t been so naive and controlled them, these things would not have happened,” he stutteringly said.

There was a long and deep noise in the room. Everybody understood Mr. Cox’s feelings and felt sorry for him. Then Mr. Cox stood up, thanked everybody, and left the room. It was an unusual day in his life as he was about to testify against his brothers, yet it was a typical day for the people in the support group who spent much of their lives listening to dreadful stories from different people.

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shadowinmoonlight BRONZE, Andijan, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Do not try to be the best, try to be the greatest.

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