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A Night to Remember

March 23, 2021
By Anonymous

It was night and I was surrounded by drunk people. As im walking through crowds of people I dont even know. I had finally found the door. Most of my friends were either,drunk,high,or making out with random strangers so I had decided to just walk home. As im walking I hear sort of a sad but also gentle melody. In the distance I can see a man playing his guitar. He seemed some what pitiful. As im there staring at him while the gust of winds are blowing on our faces, I turn to see a scene filled with beautiful lights. As I turn back to look at the pitiful man, he had just finished his song. He put down his guitar and stood up enjoying the lights filling up the sky and the cool breeze hitting his face. And in a blink of an eye he had jumped.But when he was falling to his death he didn't have that pitiful expression I saw but instead he had an expression on his face full of joy and freedom.

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