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October 3, 2019
By SC0UT BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
SC0UT BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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My name is like history. Simple on paper. Yet in actuality, very complex. If you were to remove a letter. From my name it would change. Everything entirely. If you would. Remove a piece of history. Like the civil war, this would completely change. What it is. It is like a complex concept. Not ever entirely understood.

 People think of my name. As the color red. Many different shades. One is not very different from the last. But that is not my name. My name is more complex. It would take multiple colors to describe.

 I think of my name. As a mix of blue and white. Both simple colors known by everyone, however when combined. They make something completely new, a cloudy white over a light shade of blue. Seemingly simple, but not. Like the water, it seems calm on the first look, yet when you look into its depths you can see the complexity of ecosystems with fish, algae and many other things. 

 My name is like a painting with a hill and a tree. It seems simple, but when you take a look closer. You will see a city not far away. ith many magnificent buildings and structures. There’s a tower in the center, its height reaching up to the clouds. Made of stone. With slits for windows. Many jagged edges and turrets around. It seems like the entire city. Has been built around just this one building. But take a closer look again, and you can see the miniscule stain glass windows--a myriad of colors and complexity.



Sometimes I wish to have a more unique name. I used to want a name. Like a character in a video game, their names were so unique. Names like Byleth, Link and Ness. I thought my name would make me stand out, but I stand out still the same. This is why I like my name. I am just like it in many ways. No one will ever entirely understand me. I may seem simple, yet I am complex. 

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