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Who Cares?

June 7, 2019
By c_doc24 SILVER, Lafayette, New Jersey
c_doc24 SILVER, Lafayette, New Jersey
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"Not all who wander are lost."

I always was alone. I never had too many friends. But in this day in age, it seems as if it is necessary to be popular. To have an insane ego. To post selfies of yourself with your rose-gold I-phone 7. Or to be SnapChatting constantly. But, most importantly, just social media altogether.

I used to have Instagram (not SnapChat, that didn’t make sense to me). It was very enjoyable to check up on my favorite Broadway shows every so often. However, every time I looked upon the screen of my off-brand cellphone, it was always a picture of someone. Whether it was the ‘cool girl’ in a cropped top making a face like a duck, or the wannabe girl trying to be cool by inviting the whole group of ‘cool’ kids to her house, and posting pictures of them. When I saw these types of pictures, my energy was drained. The feeling of being left out was pushed in me, or not being as pretty as the other girls.

This feeling took over me to the point in which I could barely focus on anything anymore. One day, once I stoped trying to be like the other girls in their fake Vans. I turned on my phone and saw a chain of selfies. My breathing quickened. I quickly searched up how to delete an account. I hesitated before quickly pressing the ‘delete’ button. It was like I was being wiped away like a dirty counter. All of the past was gone, and all that mattered now was focusing in on the present, and ignoring everything else.

I stopped hanging out with the same people. No more trying to slide in at the ‘cool’ table. If anything, now I sneak into the ‘cool’ kid’s leader’s spot to annoy her.

Being ‘cool’ doesn’t always matter most. What truly matters is if you are doing the things you love, and not hurting yourself by trying to be cool. ‘Cool’ is such a lame word anyway.

The author's comments:

I think the piece speaks for itself.

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