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Good Deeds Reward You

June 5, 2019
By MekBat BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
MekBat BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Sadiq is alone. Sure he has family but he moved a long time ago for college. Sadiq is 30, he has no friends around him and all he does is go to work and come back home, Repeat Repeat Repeat. As Sadiq was doing his normal routine like he does usually, and as he walked to his car across the parking lot from his apartment he noticed an old lady walking into the middle of the street, not aware of the cars passing by. Sadiq knows he can’t just sit there so he runs out and helps the lady get back to the side walk. After saving the lady Sadiq felt out of his ordinary and started to freak at what he just did. During his realization the lady calmly pulls her mouth up to his ear and whispers “Thank you for this, I’m going to bless you for this” And she walks away. Sadiq at thoughts rushing in his head for the rest of the day “I’m not a helpful type I don’t like being nice!” “I enjoy being by myself”. Sadiq did feel a sense of loneliness though. He had no contact with any person except his co-workers, and didn’t have any outside life besides work. He felt sad that he couldn’t find someone to talk to. Sadiq realized he did not want to be by himself anymore, and feeling inspired he went out to go help. He went to soup kitchens and served the homeless, he did fundraising for a school for the blind, he even gave his kidney to a child in need. Sadiq was making many friends in this process and they were with him along the way. After a long day of work, Sadiq was walking home he was going to have some friends over to hangout. As he reflected on how he changed himself he glanced to his left across the street. It was the same old lady that helped him change himself to become a better person. Sadiq waved and smiled at her and she shouted to him “You are blessed”. Sadiq smiles and walks into his apartment. Sadiq is not alone.

The author's comments:

This piece is a very important message I think needs to be out right now. I am an aspiring writer who wants to make stories and lessons that help a person.

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