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School Girl

May 8, 2019
By Anonymous

Mary was really upset that she had to start a new school for the 5th time in the whole school year. She would always get bullied about her new mom at school , all the kids would tease her and make her cry.She had to go to sleep early because she had to wake up at 6:30 am.

Mary was sitting alone at the breakfast table listening to music. A couple seats down were all the popular kids. She was sitting down listening to music when two girls came up to her asked, “Are you the new girl with the dead mom?”, Mary got very mad, she wasn't going to let other kids call her mom that name, and she definitely wasn't going to let other kids bully her again.

She stood up to them and said, “Excuse me?” , and the girls said, “You heard me , I asked are you the new girl with the dead mom?” You could hear the other boys and girls at the table laughing at her. Mary got up and punched the girl who was talking bad about her mom. All the kids in the lunchroom started screaming, laughing, and taking out their phones to record.

The other girl punched Mary back and then they both starting hitting each other. Three teachers ran to separate them both , when Mary and the girl got seperated one of the teachers said

“YOU BOTH GO TO THE OFFICE...NOW!!” , all the students in the cafeteria got quiet and put away their phones.

When Mary got into the office she saw the other girl coming out of the principal’s office. Mary said to herself “I hope she already talked to the principal , i really want go home”.The other girl was coming out of the principal's office and she said to Mary , “Im not done with you yet” , Mary laughed and said “I'm not scared of you, try me”.

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