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The new girl

May 6, 2019
By Anonymous

Once upon a time a girl name Angelica she was the most beautiful girl in town also someone who always was happy well most of the time. She had to move from where she grew up to a city where she didn't knew anyone neither she had heard about that place before but that was okay for her because there she could try again and make a new life because where she used to live she only had bad things everyone would be mean at her, she never had a real friend and that's kind of messed up because she’s 16 she just turned into a junior. Since the summer haven't done she decide to go out to look around and get to know the town like it was a small place everyone knew each other and it was a good thing but a the same time it was a bad idea of her parents to move there. First day of school came she woke up earlier than ever she started to get ready, she opted to use a white dress with flowers, she did beach waves in her hair, and she didn’t did her makeup but that didn’t make her look ugly she was confident that it was going to be a go day or not? When Angelica enter through those doors it was like if she was like an angel everybody was watching her admiring her beauty every girl was watching her like if they have a competition because she was so confident and so pretty in that dress that she didn’t care about anything that was going  on around her, all the girl were jealous of her. for once she thought that everything will change that she could have a normal life without being alone she thought that she could go to every Saturday party like every normal teenager she even thought about having a boyfriend something that she don’t have and it’s not because she doesn’t want one it’s just that no one see her in that way everyone think that just because she has the biggest heart they can play with her, she thinks that all guys are equal none of them change but oh well what can a 16 year old know about love. The days came by she was still confused but she finally made friends group of popular kids all cheerleaders and football players talking to her why?right? She has no friends no one has talk to her since she got there, how come these girls want her to be with them ?yes it’s because she is an excellent student she has good grades. The point it’s that she made friends and she won’t be alone for a while… the days went by people talked to Angelica all the time she became a popular girl she even was on the cheerleading squad can you believe how a invisible girl became all this in a short time, she was happy but she knew that it wasn’t herself that that was someone else, that she wanted to be all these things but it wasn’t like she thought it would be, people was rude all the time to innocent people that was like her but she never said anything about it because she didn’t want to ruin her chance.

Angelica a girl that everyone look up to, something strange since she was invisible and no one care about her ever it seems like things where working out good for her she was happy, even though sometimes she felt insecure about herself she would think that she wasn’t Worth it she would look at herself in the mirrors every night and think that she was fat or ugly but she was the prettiest girl that has lived in town she was sweet and kind she would think of other people first than her. Angelica loved to go out with her friends it has past like 5 months since she got to town she has a lot of friends almost everyone talk to her at school, But at home she still was the invisible girl because her parents were almost all the time at work and she didn’t had a lot of company she would get home and eat alone. Everyone thought that she had the best life even though it wasn’t like that she had problems but she never told anyone about them and it was a good thing to not trust everyone at school because we all know what happen when you do. One day out of nowhere people were talking about Angelica like other day but now it was that Angelica was going out with her best friends boyfriend that wasn’t true but her best friend believed the rumors and she didn’t let Angelica say anything that’s her lost Angelica said because I really was her friend. People at school thought that she was a horrible person and she went back to being invisible she was happy to be herself again but at the same time she did care what people say about her, no one wanted to be friends with her but there was one guy who would stared at her but never talk and so one day she decided to talk to him and they had a lot of things in common they became inseparable they did everything together it was like they were brother and sister Angelica learned that she never needed a lot of friends and popularity she only needed a good friend by her side all the time and would understand her because that’s what friends do.

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