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One Way Ticket

January 7, 2019
By Anonymous

“I'd like to buy a plane ticket to your furthest destination” I told the airline employee still breathing heavily from running into the airport  The woman looks at me taken aback and confused. I clarify saying that I do not want to know where I am heading and to just give me a ticket and i'll be on my way. She hands me a ticket, giving her my card in exchange; waiting for it to process I go back to thinking about yesterday tears start to form in my eyes and im jolted back to reality as the woman hands me my card back and in that moment I’m thankful. I nod and thank her as she sends me a sincere smile but I can see the worry she holds behind it. I'm going to be okay. I'm going to be okay. That's what I keep telling myself at least. I sit down for the first time which feels like days but knowing it's only been a couple hours. Closing my eyes I feel at ease for the first time in forever. As soon as I start drifting into a deep sleep I hear “Flight Number 47 is ready for departure”. Picking up my one fairly light bag I move towards the terminal. Looking around I see women, men, children, of all ages, of all colors. Where could I possibly be going I think. Stepping onto the plane I feel the cold gust of the air conditioning.  I go and take my seat, sitting down looking around to see if i can spot anyone sitting around me. I start reading a Life Magazine that someone had left under the seat. I lose myself in the troubles of Kim K and the Jenners, instead of focusing on my own. My eyes shoot up to the sound of the loudspeaker, it’s the pilot *This is your pilot speaking, we will begin our departure to Jerusalem shortly. Our flight will take us just over 14 hours, it will be 4:00 AM in Jerusalem upon arrival. The flight takes off, I stay awake and alert for the first half hour, just in case I had been followed.  After that I put in my earplugs and fall asleep.

I wake up in a daze.  I look around and see the flight attendant closing up their carts.  I ask why they are, and they tell me that our flight will be landing in 15 minutes.  I really just slept the whole flight. That’s a personal record. I get off the plane.  Slowly walking out of the terminal I look an see no faces that I know. For the first time in a long time, it feels like I really do have a new beginning.  This place, although to begin may be unusual and strange, I will one day call home one day, learn to love and hopefully find someone to share it with again.

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