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Perfect Storm

December 17, 2018
By nstal01 GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
nstal01 GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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Boom, boom, boom.

I hear the thunder and lightning, and I am hiding for my dear life. Inside the closet, I tell myself I’m a strong girl. It will soon be gone.

Knock, knock, knock.

My heart stops. The closet handle is turning, and I hide my face so no one can see me. His hand reaches out for mine. It takes me a second, but when the lightning strikes I jump into his arms. He holds me close and I feel safe. I only hear the warmth of his voice calming me down. I smile and say, “Thanks Dad.”

To me this was the perfect storm. Storm of love and family.

Boom, boom, boom, goes my heart.

All you need is a father’s love.

The author's comments:

A little poem about a fathers love for everyone. 

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